Wednesday 29 September 2021

Visiting The Arcade Warehouse.

For my families birthdays we have been having days out and for Becky's birthday she chose to go to The Arcade Warehouse in Scunthorpe. Ellie's friend was the one who let us know about it. She went a few months before us, without her we wouldn't have even known it was here in Scunthorpe.

The Arcade Warehouse Scunthorpe

The Arcade Warehouse is what it says, an arcade but the difference to most other arcades is that you pay a £7 entrance fee and all of the games are free.

Looking at it from the outside it doesn't look like anything more than a computer shop but once you go through to the back it is pretty amazing!

The arcade warehouse inside

Whether you want to relive your youth with retro arcades, try something new with VR and E-Sports computers or have fun with the family playing Pool, Air Hockey, and basketball machines, there is something for everyone. 

In the main room there is the retro arcade games, pool, air hockey and games you think of when you think of an arcade. In the 2nd room there is VR sets and lots of retro consoles and in the 3rd room there is about 15 PC's with the most popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

You book a two hour slot online, arrive and you are free to play whatever you want. Each two hour slot has about 30 places so it doesn't become too overcrowded and to be honest I thought we would have to queue to play the games we wanted but when someone was say on the motorbike game we went on something else and by the time we had finished they had moved on too.

Car racing game
Eldest playing a drum game

At first we went and did our own thing. Ellie and Stu went on the racing car game, I went on the motorbike one and Becky and her girlfriend went to play air hockey. We spent the next 2 hours moving around playing all of the games.

I had fantastic fun and the rest of my family did too. I think my favourite game was the car racing one's where you have the steering wheel and pedals or the air hockey where I did get a bit over competitive and ended up smashing the disc onto the floor a couple of times. Oops.

Console room
Shooting arcade game

I had my first ever got on a virtual reality game. Well I pinched the goggle things off Becky and nearly had a heart attack. There was a reason you were supposed to sit down and play that certain game, whatever it was. I looked and it looked like I was stood on a big tower. I am not good with heights in real like and it turns out it's the same in the virtual world. lol

Ellie ended up finding her way into the PC room and we found her playing Fortnite with a couple of boys. She was having a great time. The PC's looked pretty amazing with matching keyboards, headphones, mice and really comfy gaming chairs.

After an hour or so Stu and I needed a drink so we went into the cafe area. The kids got slushies and we got a bottle of pop. All of the food and drinks were reasonably priced. We saw one of the pizza's coming out of the oven and it looked amazing. £6.50 for a Margarita and £7.50 for Pepperoni.

Food and drink can't be taken out of the cafe area which is totally understandable with all the electronics. The man serving said it we wanted our drinks putting back into the fridge to save for later that was fine.


Before we knew it our two hours were up. We all had a fantastic time. It was great to have something completely different to do with my family. Becky and her girlfriend are planning on going back as soon as they find the time and we have said we would happily go back with Ellie. 

As well as The Arcade Warehouse in Scunthorpe there is also one in Lincoln. The prices are more expensive in Lincoln though. We paid £35 for five of us in Scunthorpe and in Lincoln it would have been something around £44. Under 3's go free and under 14 year old's must be accompanied by a paying adult. 

Have you visited anywhere like The Arcade Warehouse before?


  1. My Kids would love it there. They love arcades but they can be way more expensive. I usually impose a limit on how much they spend but it's much higher than £7 each! xx

  2. That sounds so fun! We've spent a rainy morning at Disney Quest before which sounds a lot like this but it's several floors of games of all kinds.