Thursday 2 September 2021

How to smash the school run this September!

 After a much needed summer break we are getting ready for the return to school and college. My girls are going into year 10 and 3rd year at college so my days of having to go on the school run are long gone but we still sometimes have that morning stress. Running around trying to find missing school uniform, making sure nobody leaves without their lunchbox and making sure everyone gets out of the door on time.

Back to school

We love not having much of a routine during the summer holidays but back to school is fast approaching and now is a good time to start thinking about slowly bringing that routine back.

We all know that the morning school run can be difficult and getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out of the house can sometimes be quite stressful. Here is some advice on how to get the control back, prevent the morning rush and be on time.

Get enough sleep!

Research has proven that having a routine helps us sleep better and there is a strong link between the amount of sleep that children get and their ability to cope with school the next day. So with routine being important when it comes to surviving the new school term ahead it’s a good thing to nudge the little people back to an earlier bedtime and encourage a full rested nights sleep. It’s advised that a solid 12 hours sleep is key up until the age of four, and no less than 8 to 11 hours above that.

Set the alarm!

Organising your time effectively in the morning and ensuring you have enough time to get yourself and the kids ready is essential. With this in mind, investing in a trustworthy bedside alarm is a must. It all all good and well using your phone but I do like a proper alarm clock, especially for the kids. It removes the temptation of them playing on their phones rather than going to sleep.

Organise the uniforms the night before!

There are always ways to save time in the morning and one to add to the top of your list is to get the uniforms and your clothes ready the night before. You don't want to be rummaging through unsorted washing for pairs of hopefully matching socks at 7am. 

Have a family chat!

Who doesn’t love a plan! On a Sunday afternoon get the family together for five minutes and go through commitments for the week ahead especially those homework deadlines. It is a good way for everyone to be in the loop and know what them and everyone else is doing.

Making lunches!

Preparing lunches the night before is another great way to save yourself time in a morning. Most things can be added to packed lunch boxes or put in the fridge to keep cool, even drinks!

Pack the school bags the night before!

Getting the school bags ready the night before is a great thing to do. Make sure you check the bags regularly for letters which might need signing or notes sent home from school.

Make sure you check pencil cases too once in a while to make the kids have everything they need. A clear pencil case is a great way of discretely checking.

Have everything in one place!

Make sure no one forgets anything by keeping everything in one place. Store your school backpacks, gym bags, shoes, jackets and car keys in one safe place. You will save valuable time in the morning and feel organised too.

Always have a backup plan!

Enjoy added peace of mind by having a backup plan and know you’re covered when disaster strikes! Keep a box of spare essential items in the boot of your car. Spare sports kit, coats for a change in weather and welly boots.

Keep calm!

It's much nicer for everyone if you start the day happy, rather than in a foul mood. Factor in a few minutes for the unexpected. If you are late, don't blame the children. Everyone has the occasional bad morning.

What are your tips for a calm school run?


  1. This is the perfect guide. Of course we will have mayhem on our return no matter what I do. x

  2. We try to prep as much the night before too; uniform, food, all the "extras" right near or IN the bag so it's ready to grab and go.

  3. Yes preperation is key and plenty of sleep X #mmbc