Wednesday 1 September 2021

A brilliant birthday weekend for my youngest.

Ellie's birthday this year was on Sunday. I think that is the worst day to have a birthday. It is for our family anyway. We can't really go anywhere as the buses aren't great here on a Sunday and on a Sunday we do like to have a day at home being slightly lazy. We had planned a day out for Saturday and somehow we ended up going out on Friday too.

My girl opening her birthday presents.

On Friday we went to the cinema. It seems ages since I have last been. I think the last time was a couple of years ago to see Toy Story 4. The kids wanted to see both Space Jam and Peter Rabbit 2 but I saw that Peter Rabbit was half price so I pushed for that and I am glad I did. It was such a fun film and great for all ages.

We had lunch out, just a burger and then went for a look around the shops. I said I was finished the birthday shopping but did buy a couple of more presents for the girls. To be fair they were bargains. We were in The Works earlier in the week and Ellie had seen something on the 2 for £10 offer but there wasn't 2 things we wanted but there was on Friday so I am quite glad we went in.

Saturday was Ellie's proper birthday day out. She chose to go to a trampoline park. We were going to go to the one in Hull but it seemed expensive at £12.25 each when the one in Scunthorpe was just £5 each. Bargain! Becky's girlfriend came along, I thought the more the merrier.

At the trampoline park

They all had a fantastic time. When we first arrived there seemed a lot of people but we worked out that was because the 12pm group (us) were there as well as the 11am to midday group. After about 5 minutes it quietened down and there were more than enough trampolines to go round. I am so glad I only booked an hour for them, they were worn out by the time their time was up. lol

After the trampoline park we went to the pub for a meal. I had major regrets ordering scampi, chips and mushy peas when I saw Ellie's pizza. Next time I will be getting that! Stu had an all day brunch and Becky had a big burger, chips and onion rings.

Meals at the pub

Finally Sunday came around and it was finally Ellie's birthday! She slept in until gone 10am and of course got to opening her presents straight away. Now that she is older I let her choose most of her presents but there was still some surprises in there.

Ellie knew I had bought her some anime books but didn't know which one's and some of the other Japanese related things I may have said weren't getting delivered because of Covid. I also got her a huge Baby Yoda Pop figure which she had no clue about. She was so happy with it and everything else.

My youngest opening her birthday presents
My youngest opening baby yoda

Ellie spent her day playing and going through her presents and I spent the afternoon making the party tea. We had all of the usual sausage rolls, onion rings, pizza, crisps, sandwiches, corn dogs, chicken bits and lots of other things. Nothing goes to waste, what wasn't eaten on Sunday we ate on Monday.

Party tea

Ellie chose her own birthday cakes. We always get two. One chocolate and one plain sponge although this time Ellie went with a cookie and cream one and a 
Swizzels one. They were both so sweet and not my favourite birthday cakes from over the years but Ellie loved them both.

Birthday cakes

Ellie had a fab birthday weekend and we were all quite glad that it was a bank holiday weekend because we needed the rest on Monday. I was the first one out of bed on Monday and that was just before 11am. lol

In less than 2 weeks it's Becky's birthday and she's having a full weekend celebration too. I am glad birthday's only come once a year.


  1. It sounds like she had a really wonderful birthday weekend!

  2. Such a fun time it seems. I hope you're rested well enough before it's time to do it all over again for the eldest.
    Happy belated birthday to her and I am sure you are creating good memories that the girls will cherish for a lifetime. They grow up so fast, don't they?

  3. Wow, what a birthday party spread, don't forget to invite me next time!! I'm so glad Ellie had such a lovely birthday, there is a good thing about having a birthday on a Sunday, you get to turn it into a birthday weekend. xx

  4. Aw happy belated birthday Ellie! It looks like she had the best day. I do love a party tea and yours looks amazing! xx