Tuesday 31 August 2021

Some random thoughts that I've had lately. Part two!

In July I wrote a blog post about the random thoughts that I have had and thought I would keep writing about my random thoughts. I have been writing them down for the last month or so and these are some of the things I have been thinking about.

Question marks

I now remember why I wasn't keen on series 10 of The Walking Dead. It was so dark. All the main stories happened at night or in caves. I've turned the brightness right up on the TV and I am still struggling to see. The same with the last series of Game of Thrones. Grr!

The weather has been rubbish. Hailstones in July and it hasn't been much better in August. Where has the summer gone? I'm quite glad I didn't buy a paddling pool.

My girls are so judgemental when they were watching the Olympics especially when someone made a mistake like falling off the bars in the gymnastics. I'd like to see my two try it. Eesh!

There was a special ticket only event at one of the local pubs which I fancied going to, a Pink tribute act. I was all set to book tickets but it was the weekend that Becky is at her girlfriends and I don't feel comfortable leaving Ellie home alone. I am so close to having nights out without worrying about the kids bit we're not quite there yet. 

Monopoly is a game invented by the devil. lol It always ends in arguments. 

The last episode of the series of Casualty made me think of Final Destination. Poor Lev and Fenisha. I cried, not as much as the Covid episode but a lot! All I want is Ethan to have a happy ending! I have since then to catch up on.

I never thought I would like exercise but I do! I now start to feel bad if I haven't exercised.

I love having Becky's girlfriend here but I am loving spending time with just Ellie when Becky stays with her girlfriend every other week. It's nice to have some one on one time. She loves it too as I spoil her. 

The summer holidays have flown over...again!

People who stand behind you at an attraction saying to their child "just wait, the lady won't be long then you can look" are very annoying. I heard her say the same to someone else and they said stop using your child to hurry people along. Eek! It was true though, the kid wasn't interested in seeing the fish at the aquarium she was.

Becky and her girlfriend got drunk. They now know why I don't get drunk. The hangover is not worth it. lol

I should have thought things out when I planned my pregnancies with my girls. Having my fellas and both girls birthdays over the space of a month is expensive especially when you add in the cost of back to school things too.

Why don't they send out the plastic National Insurance Cards anymore? I know it will probably all down to the cost of them. Now they just send a letter and Becky has to go hunting for it every time she needs the number even though I've told her to save it on her phone or computer. I still have my NI card. It snapped in 2 but I've still kept the two halves. I was always told to keep it so daren't throw it away. lol

Is there a white zinfandel shortage? I love my rose wine and enjoy a bottle or two over the weekend. It has been substituted with the grocery order for the last month and I am struggling to get it in our local shops too!

Jaffa Jonuts are wrong! Jaffa cakes should not have been made into doughnut shape.

Becky has been applying for a lot of jobs and has been turned down for a lot so now she's started emailing back and asking why. Most said lack of experience. How can someone get experience without a job. Thankfully she has a job now.

All the series of The Walking Dead have been on Sky TV but the final one has been moved over to Disney+. Some people are so keen to watch it they will have subscribed and will have to pay for at least 2 months to watch the whole series. I've been clever. I'm waiting until next month then I can binge a few episodes and then only pay for one month to watch the rest and see how the show ends.

What random thoughts have you had lately?


  1. The whether has been crazy hasent it x #mmbc

  2. You're right, monopoly does always end in an argument haha!

    Corinne x

  3. I love your random thoughts. The weather has been rubbish hasn't it? I think we only got the paddling pool out once over the summer holidays. I'm the same as you with exercise - never thought I would enjoy it but now I miss it if I don't exercise. Monopoly is definitely a game invented by the devil. Hope Becky and her girlfriend have recovered from their hangovers. I'm with you that the hangover is definitely not worth getting drunk for. I haven't come across Jaffa Jonuts before but they sound wrong to me! #MMBC