Thursday 12 August 2021

The Big Ginger Social. An incredibly tasty event to support people with cancer!

1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. It's a pretty scary statistic which I tend to put at the back of my mind but it is reality for many people, every day!

Big Ginger Social

Cancer Support UK is calling on kind hearted, generous members of the community to hold their very own Big Ginger Social to raise money to fund Cancer Kits for people going through cancer treatment.

Throughout September we are being encouraged to host a brand new fundraising event to raise money for a very important cause which will support people going through cancer treatment. It will bring family, friends or work colleagues together all for a good cause.

Why the ginger theme?
Included in the Cancer Kits are ginger tea bags as ginger is proven to help offset the nausea that many cancer patients experience. It can also be used in many other delicious recipes including ginger cupcakes to ginger mocktails or even cocktails if you’re feeling particularly spicy.

Of course each Big Ginger Social will be different but all donations raised will make a huge difference to the lives of people going through cancer. Every £25 you raised will help fill a Cancer Kit.

The Cancer Support UK Cancer Kits are supplied free of charge to anyone undergoing cancer treatment and they provide much needed comfort to children and adults having to endure treatment.

The Kits for adults are packed with items to offset some of the unpleasant side effects of treatment, like cold hands and feet, nausea, and sensitive teeth. Whilst Kids' Kits are designed to brighten the days of children living with cancer containing small toys and colouring sets to help entertain and pass the time in hospital, along with practical items like cosy socks. Each of the kits has been designed based on feedback from people who have experienced cancer treatment first hand.

Kids Cancer kit

Why should you host a Big Ginger Social when there’s another well known charity that runs a coffee morning?
Cancer Support UK's services have been designed to be different from other charities so they don’t compete with them. They only try to provide support that isn’t currently being provided by other organisations. They really appreciate what other cancer charities do and their hope is that you can see value in what the Cancer Kits mean to people with cancer.

If you are interested in hosting your own Big Ginger Social you can request a fundraising pack which gives you more information, inspiration and some ginger themed recipe ideas.


  1. These kits are such great ideas!

  2. What a fab way to fundraise for such a worthy cause. It's a real eye opener when you look into how many lives are affected by cancer. Quite a few members of our family have had to deal with the cruel disease. xx

  3. What an amazing event to fundraise something really important x