Thursday 5 August 2021

Are you still scared of the dark?

 According to research four in ten British adults are still scared of the dark which means the equivalent of 19.7 million adults up and down the UK will cower under the bedcovers rather than get up in the middle of the night.

Steps in darkness

I would like to say I'm not scared of the dark but to be honest I am a little bit. I think the only reason I do get up in the night to go to the loo or get a drink it because I always leave the landing light on. I say it's for the kids but it is partly for me too. Our bathroom is downstairs so it's a bit of a trek from my bedroom and I am fine going to the loo downstairs and through the living and dining room in the dark but coming back from the loo I will always get spooked and make a run for it, darting upstairs. If the landing light wasn't on I would be putting my bedroom lamp on and then switching lights on as I go.

Even when I am in bed I always have the door open a little so there is some light. I never sleep fully in the dark. I used to say it was just in case the kids came into the bedroom. I remember when Ellie was little she had a habit of coming into mine and Stu's bedroom during the night and put her face so close to mine and then would whisper mam, mam, mam until I woke up. I think if that was in the dark I would have panicked massively.

The kids bedrooms are pitch black if they have no lights on. Becky sleeps with her door open a bit and gets light from the landing and Ellie has a little night light. It's not a baby one, it's an anime cat which I got her last year.

When we lived in Northumberland our house seemed pretty light during the night because of the street lights but there are none here. The joys of living in a pretty rural area. There is a few on the street we live on but none near our house and there certainly aren't any out the back. If we don't have the outside light on in the back garden it is pitch black out there just a few feet away from the back door. It's great for seeing the stars but pretty spooky if you are out there alone.

I think my biggest fear of being in the dark is the unexpected. I will always lay in bed and end up sticking my foot out the side of it then panic myself thinking what if someone grabs it? There is no one to grab it but our minds do like to play tricks on us. I will admit it I am a little bit scared of the dark.

Are you scared of the dark?


  1. I'm not a massive fan of the dark at bedtime. I'm a total horror buff though and watching so many of those movies has given me a vivid imagination!
    I was nodding away here when I read the part about Ellie coming into your room and whispering by your face. The kids do this to me and I've jumped out of bed a few times!
    We have the landing light on too. Mainly for the kids, but also if I need to grab the baseball bat and beat up an intruder or anything that resembles that black haired woman in The Grudge film! xx

  2. I can definitely let my overactive imagination get the best of me at night but we do have a few night lights scattered around the house because I don't like to turn on any lights when I get up (and I tend to get up a lot).

  3. I dont feel scared of the dark, I perfer it to daylight but that could be because I am autistic it is less intense on my sensory processing x