Sunday 29 August 2021

Happy birthday to my youngest! #MySundayPhoto

My little baby who isn't much of a baby anymore turns 14 today. It's a cliche but where has the time gone.

She has grown up so much over the last year. Personality wise and height wise. She is nearly as tall as me now and fits in my trainers. She does love to borrow them. hehehe Her love of unicorns has gone and has been replaced with Anime and still anything to do with Japan.

Youngest in disguise

I am so proud of my girl. Ellie has done so well at school despite all of the home learning, she's had a few troubles which we've worked through and she is very excited for the new school year to start so she can move into year 10, start her engineering GCSE and begin her dream of becoming a structural engineer. She already has her plans for her life: engineering at college and maybe uni, get a job, save money and then move to Japan.

Ellie is the youngest in her school year and some of her friends are almost a year older than her. At this age it is a big difference but I know that Ellie acts a lot older than her age, in a good way. She is a sensible lass most of the time and isn't easily led even when she's with her friends. I have seen the videos. (Her friend is successful on YouTube). hehehe 

Ellie had her birthday day out yesterday to a trampoline park and a pub meal. Today is all about the presents and a party tea. 

My youngest

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  1. So many August babies I know.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ellie. Sometimes it's hard being the youngest at school, but as they get older it seems to matter less. I'm sure she will do really well and I hope she achieves her dreams. xx

  3. Aw, I hope she has a fabulous birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Quite funny reading about how Ellie wears your shoes as my eldest has just nicked a pair off my wife!! Not easy being the youngest in the year. Bets of luck for the year ahead and becoming a structural engineer (who lives in japan!!).

  5. She sounds like she is in a great place! Happy birthday!

  6. birthdays can be bitter sweet as children grow - she's a darling girl #MMBC

  7. Awww happy birthday to your girl x