Friday 27 August 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Excited! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Last week I used the word Celebrating and I could have easily used it again, this week and probably for next week too. I have gone with excited because this week we have a lot to be excited about.

Becky has been applying for a lot of jobs over the last couple of months. She's applied for shop work, cleaning jobs, bar work and a couple of weeks ago saw a part time care job which sounded perfect for her. She took the chance, filled in the application form, then another set of forms then answered interview questions and finally had an interview over the phone where she was offered a job. She was buzzing and we were are so proud of her.

I'm not going to say much about it because she has to keep things confidential with it being a care job but as I am writing this she is reading and signing the contract. She just has to wait for the DBS check to come back before she can start. We're not worried about that, she's had one done every year at college with doing health & social care. Waiting to start working is for the best because by the time she can start the job she will know what days she's in college. The employer has said they are fine to work around her college hours so it's fantastic.

We went and did the last of the back to school shopping on Monday. Everything is bought and there was no arguments about school shoes. Hooray! I bought the girls some more presents. I just can't help myself, I do spoil them but they were only little things. 

Ellie is excited to be going back to school and I am excited for her to go back to school and Becky to go to college and with her having a part time job I might actually get more than one day home alone. It's going to be so strange. I have got used to having at least one girl here 6 days a week.

The plan for Ellie's birthday on Sunday was to have a day out on Saturday which we are still doing but now the celebrations have been brought forward to today too. We are hopefully going to the cinema. I spotted that out local cinema has kids films on for £2.49 which is basically half price and seems such a bargain.

The food shop has been ordered. Fingers crossed the birthday cakes arrive, I do always worry that they won't be delivered and we'll be stuck as nowhere locally sells proper birthday cakes and it would mean a trip into town. We're in town on Saturday so there's no worries apart from the fact the supermarkets are a bit out of our way. I've ordered party food for Sunday and treats for breakfast too. I think we're going to have such a fun weekend.

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. Sounds really exciting. Well done to Becky. I worked in a care home twice, once when I was Becky's age and again when I was older. Happy Birthday to Ellie, it sounds like she's going to have a really lovely weekend. If the cake doesn't turn up then bake an easy one and plop on some icing...ta da! It's real easy and it's what I've been doing. My kids don't like the shop bought ones as they don't like jam (weird, I know) but I've not had the energy to go over the top with decorations. It hasn't bothered them at all, they've all loved their simple cakes. Enjoy your film today x

  2. Congrats to Becky on her new job! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.

  3. Whohoo! You've chosen the perfect word for all the excitement you have going on around you! Well done on your daughter landing that job and it's great that they are flexible enough to work around her schedule. I really hope she settles well into both college and work. As for the birthday party shenanigans, I hope the cake and other party bits arrive safely and on time. I can imagine you beaming from ear to ear if all goes well, cinema and all. Enjoy!

  4. Well done to Becky on the job. Sounds perfect given she's doing a care course at college. Hope it all works out ok for her.

  5. It's all coming together for you. Exciting that Becky has found a job that fits in so well with college. I can totally understand your comment about shoe shopping. It is my least favourite part of back to school. You really are in full birthday celebration mode. Hope everything arrived in time and your outings were a big success. #wotw

  6. Excited is such a lovely word for the week. A huge well done to Becky on her job offer and good luck to her with her new job. Glad that it can all be fitted in around college and that Ellie is excited to go back to school. Happy belated birthday to Ellie for Sunday. Hope you had a lovely weekend of birthday celebrations and that the birthday cakes arrived. #WotW

  7. Well done Becky for finding a job. I think teenagers have it so much harder now with all the forms etc. It is nice to read that Ellie was excited to go back to school. Her birthday celebrations sound great and a bargain cinema price too #WotW