Tuesday 3 August 2021

What I loved in July 2021.

 It's August already. How did that happen? This is an exciting month for us. Of course the kids are off school and college and it's birthday season. Stu's in the middle of the month, Ellie's at the end and then Becky's at the beginning of September. 

July was good to us. None of us caught Covid, we enjoyed the warm weather and of course Ellie finished school for the summer.

A heart card in an envelope

This is what I loved in July!

I am not usually a fan of sport but I have watched a lot over the last month. The football of course. Our boys did so well and now I am on with watching the Olympics. I am a bit gutted that a lot of it isn't being shown on normal TV but I am happy with what I've been watching. Mostly the diving, gymnastics and the equestrian events.

Ice lollies!
We have gone through so many ice lollies over the last of the month and I think we have tried one of everything that the supermarkets have to offer. Calippos and plain old choc ices will always be my favourite though. The kids have more expensive taste and love the proper Cornettos and Oreo ice creams. Eesh.


Packaging from deliveries

July always seems to be a busy month for deliveries. I was sent a few things to review including some books from Books2Door, a bird feeder from Henry Bell and some gorgeous bath products from Pepper's Homemade Soaps. We finally bought a new strimmer and a few things for the kitchen, I got some bargain bath sheets from Tesco and then there has been all of the birthday presents which have been arriving for Stu and the kids.

I am back on the exercise bandwagon. I was using the Leg Master that I was sent to review but I seem to have hit a wall with it and don't feel like I am losing weight anymore so needed something more. I was lucky to get a cross trainer from our local auction for £15 and I have been using that. It is giving me more of a workout and despite aching I am feeling better for it.

The Walking Dead! (Again)
The new and last series starts this month so I thought I would rewatch it all since I had the Disney Plus subscription and it is now being shown on there. I do love it, it's probably in my top 10 of favourite TV shows ever.

Harry Potter Bedding!

Harry Potter Bedding

I have always wanted some Harry Potter bedding but Stu wouldn't have it. He said if I get Harry Potter he wants some bedding of his choice and I have always said no. We really are as bad as each other but when we went shopping to Hull we spotted some that wasn't totally in your face with Harry Potter and I finally got some. Hooray!

The end of the school year!
Ellie made it to the end of the school year. Hooray. There was the little hiccup of the school having to close at the beginning or July because there were just too may cases of Covid so it was back to home learning for a week. She knuckled down and got on with it without too much nagging.

The end of year reports came and I couldn't have been prouder of Ellie. She hasn't always been the best at school but this past year she has excelled herself. She was moved up to a higher set and did so well in all of her tests. She is where she needs to be or better in all of her subjects apart from History which isn't an issue as she won't be taking it from now on as she has chosen her GCSE's and has gone with Geography. Her best subjects are Design and Technology which I expected and maths which really surprised me considering how she has struggled with it when she was learning at home. 

Ellie learning to skateboard!
We were sent a skateboard to try out and Ellie has fallen in love with it. She has been out most days in the back garden practicing tricks and teaching herself to skate. It has got her off her computer and into the fresh air and I couldn't be happier.

What did you love in July?


  1. Sounds like July was a good month and August is going to be a busy one with all the birthdays coming up. Glad you are enjoying getting back into exercise and that Ellie is enjoying skateboarding. Love the Harry Potter bedding. #MMBC

  2. I can't believe we are in August already, this year is just flying by!
    Oh I do love deliveries, it's nice when you get something exciting in the post isn't it?!
    Your Harry Potter bedding looks ace. I need to get us some new sets too.
    Have a brill weekend! xx

  3. We just got home from our vacation last night and my mother in law had all our deliveries pied up.. seeing a whole week's worth of packages all in one pile was rather crazy! We got to see quite a bit of the Olympics over the past week and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching.