Thursday 19 August 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Getting ready for going back to school with Wynsors.

 When I was a teenager my school shoes were always bought from Wynsors. We were lucky enough to have one quite close to us but since I have grown up, moved around a bit and had my own kids the shop has gone right out of my head until now and it turns out they don't just sell in shops, they sell online too! 

Recently we were sent a couple of things perfect for the return to school and college for my girls. As well as selling the normal school shoes and trainers they also sell school bags in all shapes and sizes and lunch bags and bottles.

Wynsors Back to school bag & lunch box.

My girls are in secondary school and college so the cute pink, unicorn or Peppa Pig back packs will not cut it anymore and they want something a little more grown up. For a good few years both of my girls have harped on about wanting an oversized handbag which I didn't think was practical for school or college but I took the chance and ordered a Wynsors Cube Black fashion handbag. 

It is a Large fashion handbag with over arm straps and a detachable cross body strap. There is a zip close with 2 open and 1 zip close pockets to the inside and a zip pocket to the back.

It really looks fab and so much more grown up than a backpack that younger children might use. My girls have said they would share it but I have said I will buy another from our local store.

It is a good size and could fit books, pencil cases and even A4 size folders in easily with room to spare. I like that it can be carried 3 different ways. Over the arm or shoulder using the short straps or over the body using the longer strap.

The bag is well made and I think it will last a whole school year. It is on sale from Wynsors for £10 which I think is such a bargain. As well as being great for a youngster for school it could be good for someone to use when they go to work.

Wynsors Cube Black fashion handbag

My girls usually get a meal at school or college but do like to take snacks. Usually fruit, crisps or something sweet. We could use little food bags or cling film but like to do our bit for the world by reusing little lunchboxes. The rubbish thing is that they always go missing, they always turn up but the more we have the better.

lunch boxes
Game Over Snack Pots

We were also sent the Game Over Snack Pots. They are 3 little boxes which when not being used can be stored inside of each other.

I love the design on these snack boxes and they are perfect for my girls who do love their computer games. The boxes are a good size, they are solid and the lids are secure. The three snack boxes cost just £3.

Think we are just about ready for September and the return to school and college. How are you doing with the back to school prep?

I was sent the bag and snack boxes free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I love that bag! Those snack containers are really cute too. I was just planning on finishing up all back to school prep today.

  2. I love the bag, my school girl has to have a school back pack but my daughter needs something for college and this would be perfect. I love the snack boxes too, I have a Little Man who would be thrilled to have one or two of these in his school bag :)

  3. The bag looks well made. I like the boxes they look fun and perfect for a teen X

  4. The bag looks fab. I have a couple like this, you can fit so much in them can't you?!
    And I think Jayden would love the snack boxes, especially as they have a gamer theme! xx

  5. Love those snack pots - my gamer boys would too! £3 is a bargain!