Saturday 21 August 2021

Week 33 of #Project365. 14th - 20th August. A photo every day for a year!

We have had such a fun week. Stu's birthday, a day out at an aquarium and just fun times as a family. It has been really nice. We have a quiet weekend planned. Ellie and I had a walk to our local auction yesterday to see what was on offer but there was nothing which took my fancy and Stu didn't fancy anything either so we're having what seems like a rare Saturday at home. Becky is at her girlfriends for the weekend so it's just the 3 of us and we have no plans at all, well no plans which involve moving much. lol I want to sort through the photos that I took on Monday, Ellie wants to finish whatever she's building on Minecraft and Stu wants to just play Fortnite in peace.

Now for a photo every day!

Ornaments and the kids doing crafts.
Hull marina with all of the boats
Chocolate cake and Game of Thrones on the TV
Cheesy snacks and my youngest sat drinking pop

226/365 - 14th August
A couple of things I got from the local auction. I bought a box of random things for £3. I wanted 2 matching red vases but the red and silver vase, giraffe and a boxed baby oleg came with it too. It was quite the bargain.

227/365 - 15th August
The kids were making canvases with their hand prints on for Stu's birthday. It was something they'd seen on TikTok. I wasn't bothered where they seen it, I was happy that they thought of a thoughtful present and were off their computers.

228/365 - 16th August
We passed through the marina in Hull on our way to The Deep, the aquarium. We spent ages looking at all of the boats and on the way back it was a nice spot to stop and have an ice cream.

229/365 - 17th August
Some of Stu's birthday cake. It was good.

230/365 - 18th August
I've been rewatching Game of Thrones and some parts are still just as amazing as the first time I watched them. The Night King still terrifies me.

231/365 - 19th August
We were sent some cheese to try out and Ellie was a big fan of these BBQ nibbles.

232/365 - 20th August
Ellie and I went for a look at the auction and stopped off at a cafe on the way for sausage, bacon and egg sandwiches.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing a pretty marina and that birthday cake looks so yummy!

  2. Ohh I was thinking of going to the Deep next week! Might go to the one in Scarborough instead.

    Corinne x

  3. Ooh that cake looks delicious. Can't beat stopping for breakfast rolls. We're doing that on Wednesday.

  4. Happy Birthday Stu, love the girls present to him. I've never seen GoTs

  5. Hope Stu had a great birthday. I always love looking at boats in the harbour too, one day we will own one of our own

  6. I'm a big thrifter so that auction sound fun. Getting a box of vases and other things would be right up my alley. #MMBC

  7. I like the red and silver vase and the giraffe. Love the handprint canvases – what a great idea for a gift. Stu’s birthday cake looks very yummy. #project365

  8. I've always fancied going to an auction but worried I'd get carried away. Sounds like you got a bargain. Nice to have boats to see in the marina, love making handprint pictures too #365

  9. Oh that is a bargain with all the extra things! The handprint canvasses are such a lovely idea!

    Love chocolate cake! Happy belated borthday!

  10. I hope Stu enjoyed his birthday and appreciated the handprint canvases (might steal that idea!) game of Thrones seems like so long ago especially my disappointment at the final episode, worth another watch soon I think! #project365