Saturday 7 August 2021

Week 31 of #Project365. 31st July - 6th August. A photo every day for a year!

I am just about done with buying all the back to school things there is just shoes, trainers and a PE top to get. Hooray! I did have to send some trousers back that didn't fit but ordered a bigger size which are fine. Phew!

We have had a nice week. We've been busy off out on walks, bike rides and visiting my dad. I have been doing well with my exercising. As well as the walking and bike riding I've been on the cross trainer 4 times and played on Just Dance on the Wii nearly every day. I am starting to feel better for it and I'm past the stage of just aching.

We've had a mixed week of weather. As I am writing this yesterday the sky was grey and it was chucking it down but by the time I had almost finished writing this the sun was out and there was blue skies.

Now for a photo every day!

A Friends Jigsaw
Harry Potter and my youngest
Porridge and fruit
A Sunflower
Rainy night and a letter from the hearing people about my youngest

212/365 - 31st July
Becky and her girlfriend have been working on this jigsaw for weeks. A 1000 piece Friends one. It was quite the challenge for them and there may have been a couple of arguments but they were so chuffed when they got it finished.

213/365 - 1st August
My favourite Harry Potter film was on the TV. The Goblet of Fire.

214/365 - 2nd August
We went shopping for school uniform for Ellie. It looked quite chilly out. We all had hoodies or cardigans on which didn't last long. We'd taken them off by the time we'd got to the bus stop.

215/365 - 3rd August
As well as exercising I have been trying to eat a bit better which means trying my hardest to eat breakfast. I have been trying different things and last week I had porridge with bananas, strawberries and desiccated coconut sprinkled on.

216/365 - 4th August
My dwarf sunflowers are not dwarf anymore. They're at least about 3ft high.

217/365 - 5th August
What a rainy evening. I was sat here enjoying listening to the rain when Becky pointed out the window was open and rain was coming in. Oops. 

218/365 - 6th August
I got the report from the hearing support worker who visits Ellie in school due to her being deaf in one ear. There wasn't much new to us in it but they are pushing to give more help and support to Ellie when she is doing her GCSE's.

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  1. Hope Ellie gets support if she needs it for exams. N has had a 'reader' sit with him in SATs to make sure he actually reads the text rather than not bothering. He finds it annoying because sometimes he feels like it would be faster without someone sitting there. His most recent assessments he didn't have anyone, so maybe by next year's SATs he won't need someone.

    Well done on the exercise. Mine has gone downhill recently mainly because I've been too busy during the working day to stop. But I'm trying to get back to it. I love porridge, but always have it plain. I'm not keen with adding other bits in.

  2. The breakfast looks delicious. Beautiful sunflower. Glad to hear that the hearing support worker are trying to help Ellie.


  3. Fab news on the exercise. I feel like I need to do something more, maybe I could do the dance one on the switch as well. I was doing Jo Wicks but he was killing me! Glad that your daughter is getting the support put in place for her GCSE's - it seems so hard to get the help some kids need.

  4. I am keeping up with my running 3 times a week and now doing Pilates on the other days which is making me ache! I hope the school is able to sort support for Ellie. #project365

  5. Sounds like you have caught the exercise bug. I really should make an effort to do something more than just running around after the boys. The jigsaw looks great and good news on Ellie getting some extra support for her exams sounds like they are on the ball which is encouraging to hear.

  6. I haven't even started on the school uniform, really need to!!

    Hope Ellie gets all the support she needs!

    Sunflower looks great

  7. Good that Ellie should get the support she needs, we only have shoes to buy here too now. Great job on the sunflower, damn slugs got all of ours. #365

  8. I cannot believe you are done with buying school stuff, I haven't even started. I am waiting for payday