Monday 23 August 2021

Our weekly meal plan! 23rd - 29th August. #MealPlanningMonday

Our Weekly Meal Plan

Shall we just forget that I meal planned last week? It did not go to plan. lol We ate 1 meal from my plan, the Hawaiian BBQ chicken wraps. It all started going wrong on the Monday. We phoned up to get Stu's birthday Chinese takeaway and it was closed because the owners are on holiday for 2 weeks. Hmmf. No other takeaways locally are open on a Monday. We could have ordered off Just Eat but everywhere wanted £5 delivery so we decided to leave the takeaway until Tuesday and have beans on toast. On Tuesday we had takeaway pizza. We also had fish fingers, chips and baked beans, sandwiches, chicken stir fry and pie and mash which wasn't on the plan.

Some weeks go to plan and others don't. I have learned to accept that. I always find it hard to meal plan when the kids are off school and this time of year makes it hard to decide what we're eating when the weather changes so much. Over the summer holidays I haven't been planning on what day we eat what but I will be for the next couple of weeks because we have plans set in place and I miss having some organisation.

It's Ellie's birthday at the end of this week and she's very excited. She hated the idea of her birthday being on a Sunday but has come around to the idea once she realised that the celebrations will be going on for a couple of days. We're having a day out on Saturday with a pub meal and a party tea on Sunday.

I didn't get a food shop delivered over the weekend like I usually do partly to save a bit of money and partly because we have more than enough food in. We need a week of eating out of the freezer and cupboards. All I have to buy is bread, milk, wraps and salad.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - A roast dinner using up bits that we have in the freezer like parsnips, roast potatoes and random veg.
Tuesday - Chicken nuggets in wraps with salad.
Wednesday - Vegetable fingers and BBQ pasta which is just pasta mixed with mayonnaise & BBQ sauce. I will try and sneak some sweetcorn in too
Thursday - Cottage pie.
Friday - Chicken fajitas.
Saturday - A meal at the pub.
Sunday - A picky party food with sausage rolls, pizza, sandwiches, chicken bits, onion rings.

What are you eating this week?

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  1. I hope Ellie has a really lovely birthday.
    No clue - well chicken stir fry today.
    oooh might try mixing mayo with bbq sauce with pasta and see if my lot like it.

  2. We have to go grocery shopping tonight so I need to make up my list today; we had to reconfigure our meal plan yesterday when we lost power during a tropical storm. We're eating things I can either prepare on the grill or on the stove top (which works with our generator). SO tonight we're having sloppy joes with salad.

  3. I haven't had a roast in ages, now I am really craving one haha x #mmbc

  4. It's absolutely ok to go off plan, doesn't sound like you had any huge extravagant meals anyway so not like you'll have spent more money is it?
    This weeks meals sound lovely, I'd love some takeaway pizza right about now! x

  5. I think we all have weeks when our meal plans don't go well (cough, every week for us!) I hope Ellie enjoys her birthday treats, we like to feature food in ours too, I'm really hoping it's nice enough for a BBQ for Star's birthday tomorrow. If not it will be take out time (Again.) We have weeks when it feels like we have way too much food in, but if I don't do as much shopping then then we end up not having enough to last us. I can't win.

  6. I hope Ellie has a lovely birthday. Sounds like a love week of meals planned. Have a great week x