Tuesday 10 August 2021

Losing touch with childhood friends.

When I was at school and a teenager I thought the friendships I had would last forever! I moved schools a few times. I didn't go all the way through primary school with the same people. I moved schools in year 4 when we moved house and the same in secondary school. I did years 7 and 8 in one school then we moved house and I did years 9, 10 & 11 in another school. I left the schools promising to keep in touch with my friends but that never happened. We all made new friends and back then it really was harder in to keep in touch without social media.

Friends holding hands

Four out of 10 Brits have completely lost touch with all of their childhood friends. Researchers discovered a large percentage of the population have no idea what happened to former mates and classmates and a quarter are happy that they no longer have contact with them.

I wasn't a fan of school. I wouldn't say I was massively bullied but I was bullied enough to think I didn't want to be at school. I had a few good friends throughout my years at school but I am not in touch with any of them now. Friendships always petered out.

There was a boy I wasn't friends with in secondary school. He was one of the "cool boys" the people my friends and me fancied but never associated with. I saw him on a night out a good few years after leaving school and he got chatting to me saying he remembered me from school and said he never tried it on with me at school because it wouldn't have been cool to "go with" someone who wasn't in the "in group". I took massive pleasure in letting him buy my friends and me drinks before saying he had no chance with me and goodbye! hehehe

Just after Ellie was born Facebook became popular and I looked up all of my school friends, even those I wasn't so keen on just to see what they were doing with their lives. I did add a few as friends and kept in touch with them for a few years but I had a cull of my Facbook friends last year and only kept people that I actually spoke to. I think my oldest friends now are a couple of lasses that I knew from college. 

Another person I keep in touch with is one of my dad's friends daughters. We've known each other since we were born. My dad and her dad have been friends since they were teenagers if not younger. They rarely speak now but myself and the daughter stay Facebook friends just so we can keep telling our dad's what the other one is up to. lol

Ellie still stays in touch with friends from her old school from when we moved house. They still chat on Roblox and have the odd game of Fortnite. Becky stays in touch with no one from school. She hated school but did have a nosy on Facebook at some of the people in her year. She was so shocked that quite a few already have already moved in with boyfriends or girlfriends. She thinks they're mad. She knows she's better off at home with me. lol

Have you stayed friends with people from school?


  1. Not really... I have one or two that I have kept in contact with but most tend to drift in and out of my life. Living so near to where I grew up my boys have made friends with many of my schoolmates kids but once we turned to homeschooling my boys lost touch with most of them as well.

  2. That's interesting to think about. I wasn't in the cool gang at school and never had boyfriend from the school. I do still talk to a few school friends on Facebook though and bumped into them occasionally when I was allowed out shopping. I even went to a production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in 2019 with a girl who I'd been in the school choir with and we had sang Joseph in the late 70s! My longest friends are the two girls who I used to work with last, even though I left 20 years ago, we still catch up with each other a few times a year. x

  3. I'm not good at keeping in touch with the old school mates. I've never been to any of the reunions. I have several friends on FB from my school and Uni days, but most of my friends are from my "adult" years.

  4. This has been an interesting post and fun to read. Just the other day I took stock of my 'friends'. I don't really usually have a lot of friends. Leisa and I are always content with each other as twins. But we each had a handfull of friends in high school as we were in separate classes (I know, boo!).
    To be honest, our friends don't really keep up and we only hear from them if we reach out first. So I reach out at least twice per year to each of them and that's the only way we stay in touch!
    Shame, but, oh well.
    Even now as adults we are still content with each other as we know we are more reliable and we enjoy each other's company, lol.
    Good on you for showing that guy who is boss now! Lol