Saturday 14 August 2021

Week 32 of #Project365. 7th - 13th August. A photo every day for a year!

And just like that another week has flown over. We have had good week, I have started running, done a bit of gardening and spent plenty of time just pottering about the house.

This past week was our last quiet week before the kids go back to college. Over the next couple of weeks it's Stu's birthday, we're having a day out to The Deep in Hull, the aquarium, the trampoline park, shopping for the last of the back to school things, Ellie's birthday, hopefully a day at the beach and maybe a trip out with my dad somewhere.

Now for a photo every day!

Treadmill and rain
A monkey soft toy and two tins for wax melts.
Rice porridge
Another monkey soft toy

219/365 - 7th August
I bought a treadmill from the local auction for £15. It is 2nd hand but works perfectly and I have been using it to start doing the couch to 5K. I wouldn't say I was doing well with the C25K yet, I haven't finished the first day but each time I try I am getting further and further. I've gone from doing barely any exercise a few weeks ago to where I am now and I am so proud of myself.

220/365 - 8th August
Rain, sun, rain, sun! That's how it went all day. I thought it had stopped raining and put washing out on the line and it was almost dry when they heavens opened.

221/365 - 9th August
It's been a while since Monkey appeared on my blog. It was Ellie's soft toy and used to go everywhere with her now he spends most of his time lazing in bed. hehehe He did make it downstairs on Monday when Stu had been instructed to make him some new clothes. Skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. 

222/365 - 10th August
I won a voucher from What the Redhead said to spend on the website Cookie Dough Kids which mainly sell adorable personalised children’s clothing but do have a few other things including the wax melts and tea lights tins. I have quite a collection and needed some proper storage, now I am sorted.

223/365 - 11th August
I was sent some snack pots from Mr Lees to try out. They went down well and my family has already asked for more.

224/365 - 12th August
My dad took pity on my tired legs and gave me a lift home from his. He called into the shop to get bread and I waited in the car and noticed this monkey soft toy. I can't believe he still has it. My great aunt gave it to him when he got his car almost 19 years ago. He isn't the type of person for soft toys or anything sentimental but he does love this monkey. 

225/365 - 13th August
Brambles! I noticed them outside of my garage.

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  1. Ooh I haven't noticed any blackberries out here yet. I need to check so I can pick some - although they're usually later here. Well done on the running.

  2. I love your tea light and wax melt storage; I need to make something like that.

  3. I picked blackberries a few weeks ago now, but haven't seen any others ripe for picking since. Love the tins to store your candles and wax melts in

  4. Need to go in search for blackberries when I'm off although my son is weird and doesn't eat them! Well done on the competition win #365

  5. Wow, only £15 for the treadmill, that's impressive. You got another workout machine (I can't remember exactly) very cheaply too, isn't it? Well done for keeping motivated and exercising. xx

  6. Well done for keeping going with the treadmill. Love the storage containers for your tea lights and wax melts and lovely to see Monkey making an appearance again. #project365

  7. ooh the rice porridge sounds intriguing! Good luck with the C25k, I did it last year and it is one of the highlights of my entire life! #project365

  8. Well done on winning the giveaway, I love your new tins, I could do with some of those for all my wax melts

  9. Well done on the running, I really should do some exercise I keep toying with the idea of getting a cross trainer... Well done on the win and hope the shopping for back to school went well. The boys love blackberries but our local picking spot has now been made private so not sure where we will be going to collect them now.