Wednesday 11 August 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Children’s supplements from Higher Nature.

I know it doesn't seen long since the kids broke up for their summer holidays but this time of year I always think about the return to school. As well as buying school uniform and stationery I always like to stock up on vitamins too. As a family we eat quite well and get plenty of time outside but it is nice to have that extra boost from daily vitamins.

We all want to give our kids a great start in life and provide them with the best nutritional support but knowing how notoriously fussy they can be the kids range from Higher Nature has been developed with taste and texture in mind. We have been sent a couple of products to try.

Children’s supplements from Higher Nature.

Kids Vital Vits - £6.30 for 30 tablets.

The ideal multivitamin and mineral for children over 3 years, Kids Vital Vits provides 19 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D, B vitamins, folic acid and iron to support your child's health.

In three delicious fruity flavours, Kids Vital Vits are perfect for growing children especially fussy eaters or those not eating a sufficiently varied diet, who may not be getting all the nutrients that they need. Giving your child a daily multivitamin and mineral is a great foundation, providing a wide spectrum of nutrients required for general physical and mental well-being. Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, just one chewable tablet a day provides children with the nutrients and vitamins needed to support a good daily diet.

Kids Vital Vits

These sound fantastic and Ellie loves them. She said they tasted great but I wasn't so keen. To me they tasted chalky but it doesn't matter, they are not meant for me as an adult, they are meant for children and if Ellie likes them it is a good sign as she can be quite fussy when it comes to what things taste like.

Kids Vitamin D Spray - £9.99 for a 13.5ml spray.

Make sure your child gets the vitamin D they need with the Kids Vitamin D Spray 625IU. Supporting essential growth and development vitamin D is produced in the skin after exposure to the sun. During the darker months it’s easy to develop a deficiency in this essential vitamin which is why the mint flavoured spray is a quick, fun way to safeguard your little ones. While the kids might think it’s magic, adults think it’s like sunlight in a spray!

Kids Vitamin D Spray

I thought this is a genius idea which would really appeal to kids with it being in a spray. 
1 tube contains roughly 240 sprays or 8 month supply which I think is great value for money. It has a minty flavour, not too strong like toothpaste but like you have sucked a mint. We all had a spray of it and liked it. This is recommended for children over 3 years old and is meant to be taken once a day. 

Do you give your children extra supplements?

I was sent the Children’s supplements from Higher Nature free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. These sound brilliant in giving extra supplement support to children x #mmbc

  2. Great idea! I will plan on sending some to my grandson in his next Love in aBox package in September. Thanks for the great idea!