Tuesday 24 August 2021

Wasting their summer holidays in bed.

When any of the school holidays come along I get very excited and happy that we don't have to rush to get out of bed, get dressed and be out all before 9am. When the summer holidays started not having that morning rush around meant that we got to eat breakfast together and have a slow start to the day. It was quite lovely especially when the sun was shining and we could sit outside.

Lazing in bed

We are about half way through the summer holidays and now my girls have got lazy! No matter what time I send them to bed they are struggling to get up on a morning. Some mornings I have fancied staying in bed when it has been grey and damp out but I have got up and not lazed in bed like them. I'll admit I am not getting up most mornings until about half eight or nine but no later. Most days I ask them nicely to get out of bed at about 10am and an hour later I am shouting "get up now!" and can easily still be shouting coming on for midday. By the time they get up, have something to eat and get dressed it can be 1pm. 

I know my girls are off school and college and have this time to relax but it feels such a waste to stay in bed. On a weekend I don't mind but not every day and certainly not during the week. If we have somewhere to be the girls do get up, quite easily so it proves they are not tired. On the days that we don't have to be anywhere they will lay there in bed and doze or watch TV. They just can't be bothered to move from their pits. 

 I told Becky this is the last proper summer holiday she will get, ever!! Next year she will have left college and will be looking for a full time job if she hasn't got one already. She should make the most of this time and not spend it in bed!

When I was my girls age I would always want to stay lazing in bed but my parents made sure I was up and about and I do appreciate them for it. I would have kicked myself now if I spent most of my time in bed during the summer holidays. I hope my girls realise this and appreciate all the times I shout at them, get out of bed!

I know I am not the only one with teenagers who love their beds a little too much but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.

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  1. My boys are pretty good about getting up early and eating breakfast and getting ready... but spent much of their summer watching tv and playing video games. I drag them outside and away from them whenever I can and hope that one day they'll be glad I did.