Saturday 18 September 2021

Week 37 of #Project365. 11th - 17th September. A photo every day for a year!

Another week has flown over. We seem to have dropped back into the school routine quite easily although getting up on a morning is still a struggle even with the early nights we've all been having.

Every day I seem to be getting a message from Ellie's school with an update about Covid cases. It's not good. There has been lots of positive cases. Three in Ellie's year on and one of them from someone in her class on Wednesday and yesterday there was another 13 positive cases reported. Ugh. It is stressing me out and it feels like it's just a matter of time before Ellie catches it.

Our local auction has been closed for a couple of weeks, it was their summer holiday and it's opening back up today and we should be going to bid on a few things. I am very excited to see people and have a few hours out of the house.

Now for a photo every day!

My eldest & fella on an arcade machine
Science homework
Fortnite win and paint in water
Lip balm
Scrambled egg on toast and music on my phone

247/365 - 11th September
We went to an arcade place over the weekend. We all had a great time. There was retro games like Streetfighter, Donkey Kong, VR machines, Air Hockey and so much more. We could have easily spent more than 2 hours there.

248/365 - 12th September
Science homework for Ellie that I could help with. I know about the periodic table, I remember learning about it at school.

249/365 - 13th September
A new season of Fortnite and my first win of the season. A sneaky one. There was me and someone else left and they must have gave up or ended up killing themselves. I'll take it though, a win is a win. hehehe

250/365 - 14th September
I tried out a craft subscription box and did some marbling. It's something I had never done before and had great fun with it.

251/365 - 15th September
It's that time of the year where I start using a lot of lip balm. I really need to buy more, this is over a year old. Eek! 

252/365 - 16th September
I have been trying out a food delivery service and Thursday's breakfast was scrambled egg on country style bread.

253/365 - 17th September
I had a walk out to my dads and this was what I was listening to on the way. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It is one of my all time favourite soundtracks.

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  1. That marbling photo is so neat!

  2. Oh I love Joseph. I used to listen to the soundtrack all the time when I was a child. Haven't heard it for years though. I need to stock up on lipsalve too. I always buy a few, plus some for N, and then they all seem to congregate in my work bag. One time I had 11 in one bag - my colleague couldn't believe it.

  3. We have either had no cases in Lilys school or not been told about them, not sure which to be fair! Good they tell you.

    We've still never played fortnite!

  4. I love Joseph, I went to see it a couple of years ago with an old school friend...we had been in the school choir together in the 80s and had done a production of Joseph! It was great nostalgia. Of course there is a certain member of my family that gets fed up of me singing 'Go Go Go Joseph' And 'Poor Poor Joseph' hahaha. My kids school is no longer informing us of Covid cases unless our child has had direct contact with a positive case. It's scary but I've resigned myself to knowing that we will all get it eventually, I just hope it won't be too bad. I can't wait to get the younger ones vaccinated, although the youngest isn't 12 until next year. xx

  5. i'm obsessed with lip balms and can never seem to stop buying 'em!

  6. Love the marbling, was it easy to do? Shame about the covid cases in Ellie's school, must be quite un nerving

  7. That's a lovely marbling project! What a worry about Covid cases in Ellie's school, fingers crossed for her and you all. Eddie's school staged Joseph two years ago, it was fun, I still have some short video clips from the performance. I never played Fortnite (I'm a Pokemon Go girl) but well done for your first win! :)

  8. The arcade place sounds like it was a lot of fun. Glad you were able to help with Ellie’s science homework. We have a periodic table mug – it’s a good one to have out when Pointless is on! Love scrambled eggs on proper bread. Joseph is a great soundtrack to listen to. #project365

  9. There is an arcade place near us that I keep meaning to take the kids to, it looks like fun. Hope Ellie manages to avoid being ill, not heard of any cases here yet, but I am sure its coming

  10. Oh no the rising cases sounds worrying, I am sure it is a matter of time here for us too. My two love the arcades once we are in it is difficult to get them out. I like the sound of the food delivery service, we could definitely do with that! I love a craft kit marbling is so much fun.

  11. I remember marbling from childhood! My eldest's school have reinstated masks as they've had a lot of cases. I had one case in my class but of course we didn't have to isolate due to the rule change. #project365

  12. My girls school have stopped notifying us of any cases - they only will when it directly impacts us. The marbling looks good!

  13. The arcade place sounds amazing. We have still been able to avoid Fortnite. I'm sure my little lady will get into it soon enough. Love the craft. The food box sounds interesting #365