Thursday 9 September 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Fragrances to Freshen Your Home from ARRAN Sense of Scotland.

Now is the perfect time to introduce new fresh, vibrant fragrances into your home to complement the change of season. One way to ensure fragrances work harmoniously together in the home is to try scent-scaping. This is the concept of creating a fragrance ‘journey’ as you move from room to room, using different complementary fragrances which depending on their ingredients, can improve mood and enhance wellbeing.

I love to have my home smelling nice and fresh but hadn't heard of or tried scent-scaping. I like the idea of it and I have a feeling I will be trying it with the new room spray I was sent from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

ARRAN Sense of Scotland room spray

ARRAN Sense of Scotland (formerly ARRAN Aromatics) are a home, body and fragrance brand based up in Scotland. For three decades the family-run company has been creating vibrant, evocative scents from their Home Farm factory - an old dairy farm for the historic Brodick Castle. The company has grown significantly since it began as a small, family soap business, but has held true to its island heritage.

The Just Grapefruit Room Spray

The Just Grapefruit Room Spray creates an inviting aroma in your home. It is a mood-boosting blend of pink grapefruit, lemon and orange essential oils which creates an uplifting atmosphere in any corner of your home helping you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Coming in a really pretty tin is a 100ml bottle containing the room spray which is to be sprayed liberally to enhance your space, as often as desired.

The Just Grapefruit Room Spray tin
Just Grapefruit Room Spray bottle

It has such a lovely scent to the spray. It is fresh and really fruity. It smells natural not full of chemicals like some other room sprays. I have told the kids not to touch it as they love the smell too and I have a feeling they would be spraying it a little too liberally. The grapefruit scent really is a mood booster and it makes me feel happy. It was just what we needed last week when the weather wasn't too great. It kept the summer alive before the heatwave hit.

The ARRAN Sense of Scotland Just Grapefruit room spray costs £20.00 for the 100ml bottle and it is a lovely addition to my home. I am tempted to buy the reed diffuser or candle with the same scent or even try one of the other scents in a different room. The other scents from ARRAN Sense of Scotland include Bergamot and Geranium, After the Rain and Jasmine and Philadelphus.

I was sent the The Just Grapefruit Room Spray from ARRAN Sense of Scotland free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. Oh I love ARRAN Sense of Scotland, they have some fab products. Just Grapefruit Room Spray sounds really fresh, I've tried After the Rain and it smells amazing. x