Saturday 29 January 2022

Week 4 of #Project365. 22nd - 28th January. A photo every day for a year!

 I have had a very unexciting week. The weather has really got me down, it's been mostly grey, gloomy and cold this week. It has left me feeling unmotivated and grumpy. Everyone else seems happy enough. Becky is counting down the days until payday and Ellie is counting down the days until half term. I have just burst her bubble though, she thought she only had next week at school but they don't break up until the 11th. lol

We have a plan for half term. The girls have decided they want to swap bedrooms. Ellie wants less space so she has less room to make a mess and tidy and Becky wants more space and to get herself a double bed. It's fine with Stu and I but it's not something we'd be able to do in a day so half term will give us plenty of time. We might even give their rooms a lick of paint too.

We don't have much planned for over the weekend although if the weather is nice I do want to make a start on clearing the garden now that the council have started collecting the garden waste wheelie bin again. 

Now for a photo every day!

Family night watching TV
Playing the Sims 4
Grey sky and stir fry
Winter Spice Twix's and Kinder hamper
Chocolate cake

22/365 - 22nd January
We had family time in front of the TV watching The Masked Singer and Ant & Dec's Limitless Win.

23/365 - 23rd January
Had a lazy Sunday. I spent a lot of it playing The Sims 4.

24/365 - 24th January
It has been so grey and gloomy this week. I keep telling myself it's not that long until the weather will start to warm up a bit.

25/365 - 25th January
The start of a stir fry. We ended up with peppers, onions, mushrooms, beansprouts, carrot, chicken, egg noodles and rice. 

26/365 - 26th January
I finally found some of the winter spice Twix's in a local shop. They were very nice. 

27/365 - 27th January
Becky and her girlfriend celebrated 2 years together! They exchanged gifts and Becky received a Kinder Bueno hamper. Lucky girl.

28/365 - 28th January
Chocolate cake. I had a walk out for a look around the auction and stopped off in the cafe for a cuppa and couldn't resist some cake.

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  1. All those sweet treats look so delicious! We're making stir fry tonight (assuming we still have power by dinner). Best of luck on the room swapping.

  2. That cake looks so good. I miss trying all the new chocolate products. The winter spice twix sounds interesting. Our half tern isn't until the 21st. Seems so long to wait

  3. Swapping bedrooms sounds fun! That should keep you busy over half term :)


  4. It's lovely that they want to swap bedrooms. It will be exciting to re-decorate too. Good luck with that.

  5. Congratulations to Becky and her girlfriend. That cakes look lush #365

  6. Ellie’s school breaks up earlier than our schools – we don’t break up for half-term until 18th. Good luck with swapping the girls’ rooms round over half-term. Glad you managed to find some of the Winter Spice Twix’s – I still have a few left from my stash! Congratulations to Becky and her girlfriend on two years together. #project365

  7. Ahhh young love, I remember when the husband and I use to celebrate anniversaries like that. We seem to be later than everyone else this time round as we don't break up until the 17th! I am with you on the weather and the general lack of motivation

  8. Swopping rooms is such a chore, I remember doing it with our boys, it took days. Good luck with it all

  9. The Masked Singer is my guilty pleasure, I LOVE it. Ours don't break up until 21st Feb, so an extra week on from yours

  10. Our half term is a week later, grrr! I'm ready for a break! Happy anniversary to Becky and her girlfriend, love the chocs(did she share?) #project365

  11. What a lovely gift Becky received off her girlfriend. I wouldn't have been able to resist that chocolate cake either, nice to have a bit of cake after a walk! I still haven't tried a Winter Spice Twix.

  12. Wow two years, Ethan would love a gift like that. There is always room for cake. I hope the moving bedroooms went well. I had the box room until my brother moved out #365