Tuesday 30 November 2021

Some random thoughts that I've had lately. Part Six!

I like to write my random thoughts down, those thoughts that don't fit into a blog post but I want to mention them and share them with you. You can read my previous mind dump here.

Question marks on card

I could kick myself. I was stupid to lend someone a little bit of money, my money not from the household kitty but they made excuses on top of excuses not to pay it back despite being able to afford meals out and takeaways. Grr! It's a lesson learned for me and I have got the money back now.

I miss my friend from Ashington. I've spoken to her a couple of times over the last couple of months and I miss her, the fun we used to have and all the gossip we used to share.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran was a Christmas song?? I had no idea. lol I saw it on a Christmas countdown and had to Google it. It was actually the Christmas number one in 2017.

The postman knocked at the door on a Saturday morning just gone half 10 and I came running downstairs to get my parcel. I opened the door, he handed it to me and said sorry I woke you up. I was all defensive saying "oh no, you didn't, it's OK. Why? Why shouldn't I have a lie in?

I keep getting into bed with my fluffy, fleecy socks on and fall asleep in them then end up waking during the night sweating! I must remember to take them off.

Putting the new fence up is great and has given us more privacy but 2 panels fell down in all of the wind over the weekend.

Becky is obsessed with a new game that she bought a few days ago. Bus Simulator. I chuckled when she told me about it but it does look fun. You drive the bus, plan the route and the timetables.

Despite having most of the presents and lots of the food bought I am still stressing about Christmas. It must be a woman thing, I remember my mother being the same.

Exercising in the summer was great but it's not much fun now it's cold and grey. I am pushing myself though but no sun equals no motivation.

I shouldn't dye my hair and just accept I am getting old or so I have been told. OK... Maybe I dye my hair because it's fun not because I want to look young. If you knew me I have always struggled with looking my age. I got ID'd in a shop a couple of weeks ago, Becky didn't. lol

A friend of my family got bad news about their health. They probably won't make it to Christmas which is so sad. Life is too short for some.

Ellie didn't like the smell of the living room when she came in from school. She said the Christmas tree smelled. I asked what of and she said trees. She was imagining it, it's a fake tree. lol

Apple pie Baileys is not that nice. Hmmf. It is drinkable but not enjoyable like original Baileys.

Ellie has no concept of money. If I give her money to go out with friends she thinks she has to spend it all. There is no need as I always give her more than she needs, I don't want her to go short. It is very frustrating.

The kids have said this year they don't want to make gingerbread houses so I have bought myself one and will make it myself. There will be no sharing it our. I will sit here and eat it all. I bet they want to do one next year. lol

I love putting the Christmas decorations up but hate that we have to move things like the clock. It's too near to me now and the ticking is driving me crazy! It will have to be moved.

It's taken me almost a year to take interest in Ellie's Switch. I've started playing Animal Crossing and I love it. It's such a relaxed game.

I hate the cold weather, love the snow but not the drop in temperature. 

It's nearly Christmas!!!

What random thoughts have you had lately?


  1. I had to laugh about your gingerbread house. My lot are not fans of gingerbread so I end up eating most of it anyway. Last year I made a chocolate one and it was gone in minutes. I still dye my hair, I have left it to go quite grey but I don't like it. I love your colourful hair but I don't think I'd have the patience. 25 mins with Nice and Easy is enough for me, lol.

  2. I am struggling to get my exercise in too; I am just not motivated to hike or get outside when it's so cold.