Thursday 18 November 2021

My favourite blog posts from my 8th year of blogging.

Earlier this week my blog turned 9 years old. I know, where has the time gone. Each year I like to share my favourite blog post from the previous year and these are them. They may not be my most viewed posts but they are the one's that bring back happy memories and one's that I like the most. I blog daily so that is a lot of blog posts to choose from.

These are my favourite blog posts, one per month from the last year:

My birthday presents

This really is a bittersweet blog post looking back on it. What a difference a year makes. My dad was just getting over Covid after being really ill and this was the last time I saw my friend, Ellie's best friends mum who passed away a less than 2 weeks later. I did have the best birthday even though it is tinged with sadness now.

My girls opening their xmas presents

It took me a while to get into the Christmas spirit but it hit me on xmas eve and we had a wonderful Christmas time. Up until last year Stu and I never bought each other big presents but that was the year I got a coffee machine. Stu said I better use it lots and I have, every day at least once. hehehe


After writing a blog post saying how Fortnite was not a game for me I got a new laptop which would run Fortnite and realised it was a game for me. hehehe I have been playing off and on all year and at the moment I am loving it. It really depends on what's going on in the game. 

Building a snowman

We were in the middle of a few months of home learning so when a snow day happened it caused much excitement. It was just what we needed to boost our moods and it was nice to do something different.


March marked a whole year since we went into the first lockdown and I am sure the year taught us all a lot. I still haven't got out of the habit of wearing leggings around the house. I wouldn't dream of sitting around in jeans now and I fear the school saying they're going back to home learning. We don't want to do that again!


Ellie has had her first vaccine now, the rest of us have all been double vaccinated, my dad has had his booster and Becky is waiting to get hers. The 2nd vaccine was easier than the first and I feel a lot safer for having it.

A little paddling pool

This post was brought about by bad customer service from a fast food place and I ended up talking about complaining about other shops and services. The little paddling pool always makes me chuckle when I think about it.

Woman with her hands over her mouth

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. As much as we would like to be one it just doesn't happen. We all mess up at parenting sometimes and it's normal. We learn from our mistakes and our children forgive us. That's the way it goes.

My girls on their laptops

It was the strangest school year. Self isolating, home learning, new classes, me getting to learn more about what Ellie was learning due to all the Zoom lessons, GCSE options and lateral flow tests. We survived and it was definitely a learning experience for us all.

Laid in bed

My girls got lazy in the summer holidays and it was so frustrating, I felt like they were wasting their time off school, especially Becky who was having her last proper summer holidays. When she finishes college this year she will be going into full time work.


We visited The Deep, an aquarium in Hull. We had a fantastic day out and will be going back again soon as it's one of those places where you pay once and can go back anytime over the next year.


I have been getting fitter and losing a bit of weight over the past few months. I wrote about my motivation and how I got started. It is so much easier to exercise when the weather is warm but I am still going.

Thank you for reading! Thank you as well to anyone who leaves a comment, likes a Facebook post, retweets a Tweet, hearts and Instagram photo or give a thumbs up to my rubbish YouTube videos. I appreciate you all!


  1. I can see why these are some of your favorites! What a wonderful way to re-cap your year too.

  2. Happy 9 years! My blog is around 9 years old now too! I believe I started posting properly in December 2012 :)

    Corinne x