Thursday 11 November 2021

The 10 toys at the top of Santa's list this Christmas!

I am guessing all the kids have started their Christmas lists by now, I know my two have. One thing I miss about Christmas now is the toys. My two are all about electronics, consoles and clothes.

A few weeks ago I read that Amazon have predicted the top toys for Christmas and it got me wondering what kids were into these days.

Pretty presents

This year the top toys are:

Luigi Starter Course! - £37.50
Luigi! Number one! Introduce kids to all the fun of the LEGO Super Mario universe with this Luigi Starter Course, featuring an interactive LEGO Luigi figure. Interactive play on its own, with music, sound and Bluetooth connectivity, you can also team up with the Mario Starter Course (sold separately) for 2-player adventures to earn bonus rewards. Your levels! Your adventures!

Pictionary Air Harry Potter! - £25.00
Aspiring witches and wizards will love the magical fun that comes with playing Pictionary Air Harry Potter! Included with this spellbinding version of the classic family drawing game are 112 double-sided clue cards inspired by the Wizarding World, which players draw in the air and see on-screen using a Pictionary Air pen shaped like Harry Potter's wand. Download the free Pictionary Air app to get started. This Harry Potter game is perfect for ages 8+ and will charm all during family game nights!

Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park! - £49.99
The Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park is a fantastic playset that features three rides, seven play areas, two unicorn toys, two micro dolls of Polly and Shani and 25 surprises! Kids can take the Polly Pocket dolls on the rollercoaster, the unicorn carousel and the Ferris wheel. Also includes include a throne room, gift shop, game room and canteen. Kids can use the key to unlock a turret area to find a golden toy unicorn! Kids will love playing with this interactive Polly Pocket playset, which makes a great gift for kids aged 4+.

Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park & Linkimals Dance n Grove Penguin

Linkimals Dance n Grove Penguin! - £35.00
Learning is more fun than ever with the Fisher-Price Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin musical activity toy. Press the buttons and watch as it flaps its flippers and bobs to lights and music. This interactive toy uses songs, sounds and phrases to teach your little one the alphabet, opposites, and more. Introduce Cool Beats Penguin to other Linkimals friends and they will light up, talk, sing and play together for a crazy dance party! Additional Linkimals toys sold separately and subject to availability. For infants and toddlers aged 9 months+.

L.O.L Surprise! Movie Making Studio - £140.00

Introducing LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Studios! Unbox 12 dolls and 70+ surprises! You will be ready to film with packaging that becomes a movie studio with 4 stages and a cinema green screen, and an included tripod for your mobile phone to film movies! It comes with 12 dolls to unbox including 2 OMG fashion dolls, 6 LOL Surprise dolls, 2 Pets and 2 Lil Sisters to ensure that you can create a full cast and crew for each movie you produce! Each movie doll has stunning features, gorgeous, styled hair, and outrageous movie star style.

Spidey and his Amazing Friends – Marvel Web-Quarters Playset - £68.00
Your Spidey-Sense signals that this Web-Quarters playset hums with activity for Spidey and pals; this arachno-hub seems to come alive with Spidey-speak, light-up eyes and many cool corners to play in for loads of Webtacular fun! It's Spidey Time! Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends follows the adventures of the Super Hero Spidey and all his heroic friends! Spidey, Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales: Spider-Man all have super spider-powers: spider-sense, super-strength, wall-crawling and more!

Spidey and his Amazing Friends – Marvel Web-Quarters Playset & Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turtle

Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turtle - £33.00
From beak to feet, Shelbert is the funniest & hippest Little Live Pets Turtle! But watch out! You won't be able to stop laughing & singing along. He loves to repeat what you say too! Just record & listen as he repeats your funny phrases. Demonstration batteries, feeder & reusable flamingo food included. Feed Shelbert his favourite Magic Turtle Food, then watch his neck wiggle & wobble as he gobbles it down. Simply open his mouth, pour the Magic 'Turdle Food' down his throat then close his mouth and watch!

Batman Transforming playset!

Batman 36 inch Transforming playset!

Take your Batman missions to the next level with the Bat-Tech Batcave Playset! The massive Batman is over 84 cm (33 inches) and transforms into an epic Batcave with everything you need to bring your Batman adventures to life! Open it up to reveal the Batcave with over 10 areas for action or close it up to transform it back into a giant Batman for easy storage!

The Balloon Dino - £80.00
Meet Squeakee Dino! The interactive, electronic balloon dinosaur that is inflated with personality! He will WOW you as he 'comes to life'! With over 70 interactive sounds & movements to make you giggle & scream, you'll never get bored! Squeakee will BLOW you away with all the tricks & games he can do! He; pretends to deflate & re-inflate with sound effects, roars, stomps, dances, loves a tickle! Includes interactive pet accessories too. Requires 6 AA batteries. For ages 5 years +.

The Balloon Dino & Paw Patroller 2.0

Paw Patroller 2.0 - £70.00
Join Ryder and the PAW Patrol on rescue adventures with the PAW Patroller. This action-packed team rescue vehicle comes with Ryder and his ATV and features transforming doors, dual vehicle launchers and realistic sounds. When trouble strikes, get ready to roll to the rescue. There's room inside the PAW Patroller for two vehicles (not included) and room on the outside for four more PAW Patrol cars. Load Ryder and another pup up the ramp at the back, and use your imagination to play out your rescue missions!

A few years ago my girls would have definitely had these toys on their Christmas lists although Becky is a fan of Paw Patrol, I am not joking. It's her thing to watch when she has nothing to watch and wants to fall asleep. lol I sort of want the Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turtle, it sounds hilarious!

What have your kids got on their Christmas lists?


  1. No toys here either; though my youngest niece does love Polly Pocket toys.

  2. I am always moaning about tidying up the toys and how they take over the house, but I know I will miss them when the kids grow older.
    I love the Balloon Dino and The Harry Potter set. x