Tuesday 23 November 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Mega Spin Saturn - A great little stocking filler!

Can you remember what was all the craze in the school playground when you were a kid? I remember yo-yo's being a big thing! I can remember everyone trying to learn the tricks and trying to have the fanciest looking yo-yo. Ahh, the memories.

Now they’re back, and things have moved on since ‘Walk the Dog’ and ‘Rock the Baby’! Yo-yoing is set to make a comeback and the brand new Wicked Mega Spin Saturn will take your skills to another planet!

The Mega Spin Saturn

Gone are the days of fixed axles the Saturn features a super smooth ball-bearing axle providing ultra-long spin times so you’ll yo-yo like a pro in no time! Want more? How about super bright colour changing LED lights to really make your tricks light up the room!

This is perfect for performing anything from basic to more advanced tricks and of course and you don't have to be a child to use it. I've had it out of the box and had a go and I must say it is a lot better than the wooden one's that I had as child and very easy to use, it's so smooth.

Mega Spin Saturn

It has been put away for now and it's going to be a surprise for Becky. She has been wanting something to pass the time when she is on night shift at work and is on her break. She's actually got sick of messing about on her phone and something like this is more productive than looking at TikTok. lol

The Mega Spin Saturn comes in either blue or red and costs £10.00. In each box there is a replacement string and as a bonus there is no plastic packaging to throw away as the cardboard presentation box can be fully recycled!

The yo-yo is a timeless toy, their compact size and their low price make them a perfect stocking filler come Christmas morning.

I was sent The Mega Spin Saturn free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Yoyoing keeps coming back doesn't it?

  2. It's funny how yoyo's have so much lasting appeal isn't it? My children love them