Saturday 20 November 2021

Week 46 of #Project365. 13th - 19th November. A photo every day for a year!

I seem to have had a busy week. I sorted the Christmas presents out and now I have a fair idea how many the kids have and what everyone else has too. I had a day out shopping with Becky while she finished her Christmas shopping, my blog turned 9 years old, I'm off out again today shopping and for a meal with Stu and it's my birthday tomorrow. Stu has been working in the garden faffing with the new fence and adding another. It has been a good week.

Now for a photo every day.

Xmas pj's and a book
A bath bomb and Tesco xmas delivery booking
A new fence in the back garden
The top of a xmas tree and my new hair

310/365 - 13th November
Our Christmas pj's arrived. We have all got matching and we will be wearing them on Christmas eve. I got them from Studio, £10 each for mine and my girls and £12 for Stu's which I think was a decent price. We don't just wear Christmas pj's for Christmas, we wear them all year. Some of my favourite pj's are actually Christmas one's.

311/365 - 14th November
I took some photos of a book I was sent to have a look at. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real Life Tales of Black Magic.

312/365 - 15th November
I treated myself to a soak in the bath with a bath bomb. This one was the Orange Pop from Lush. I loved it. It smelled amazing and made my skin feel amazing too.

313/365 - 16th November
I was up early to get my Christmas delivery slot with Tesco. I logged in online and on the app on my phone to hedge my bets. I checked the delivery slots at two minutes to six just on the app and they were there, a whole 2 minutes early. I booked the slot I wanted and had checked out by 6am when the slots were supposed to be released. It seemed so unfair to others who queued for ages but I got mine straight away.

314/365 - 17th November
Stu added another fence to the top of the garden and we swapped the table and chairs with the wheelie bins and now we have a cosier seating area. It really does block a lot of the wind and fingers crossed we might have some nicer chairs and a new table if my dad's gets some we're spotted in the auction. I've asked him to bid for me.

315/365 - 18th November
My dad isn't usually one for decorating at Christmas but this year he is going all out. I think last year when he was ill with Covid and didn't really celebrate Christmas has shown him what he's been missing out on. He has a huge Christmas tree outside and it is decorated beautifully.

316/365 - 19th November
New hair! Well pretty similar to what I've had before but shorter. I got Stu to cut it for me like he usually does and it looked pretty straight until I washed and dried it and then I realised it was a good half an inch shorter on one side. Oops. He levelled it out and all was good. 

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  1. Wow that was lucky on the food shop. I was in at 5.55, and I did the same getting the app up too, but nothing popped up on there so ended up only getting on at 7.17. At least it got sorted int he end. I've been looking for Christmas pjs but they all tend to be long sleeves and I only want short. The only onces I've seen I really like are extortionate.

  2. I'm lucky that the OH works really weird hours so I send him into Tesco in the middle of the night to get our Christmas food shop! The garden is really coming together for you #365

  3. The garden is looking nice. I don't do food shopping online anymore, but I will start again for my mum who moved house recently. I bought matching xmas pjs for me, Peter, son, dil and grandchild this year. I doubt, hubby and son will be impressed lol

  4. Love the Christmas PJs. Glad you managed to get your Christmas shopping slot so quickly. Lovely to have a cosier seating area in the garden – that will be nice in the spring and summer. Love your hair cut (and colour!) #project365

  5. Oh I had been seeing tweets about how long it was taking people to get a food shop! You were lucky!

    Love the Pj's and the hair looks good!

  6. I think we are going to brave the shops in person, maybe a risk! Ooh I haven't had a bath bomb in ages, time to ask for some for Christmas! #project365

  7. You sound very organised with Christmas, I am not quite there yet. But wanted to get my weekend away sorted first, hopefully I will catch up now. Happy 9 years birthday to your blog! It's amazing to think how long we have all been at it isn't it. Glad you got your Christmas slot. I always find it hard to get Tesco deliveries, I have had to swap to Asda.

  8. Happy Blogaversary, 9 years is incredible. I LOVE Lush bath bombs, always make me feel better

  9. Well done on getting your delivery slot! It sounds like you are all organised. I wish I was lol! I do like Lush bath bombs and have just ordered some Christmas ones for the boys from the elf... anything to get them in the bath! Yay for Christmas PJs I need to order some for the husband so we all have matching too. Well done on 9 years... it is definitely a labour of love isnt it?