Saturday 27 November 2021

Week 47 of #Project365. 20th - 26th November. A photo every day for a year!

 We have had a good week, a really good week. It was my birthday on Sunday and I had a weekend of treats and celebrations. Now we're going into Christmas mode. I have just about all of the presents bought, I have wrapping paper to start wrapping them, we went to see the Christmas lights being switched on last night and the decorations and tree are out, ready to be put up over the weekend. We are starting to feel very festive!

Now for a photo every day!

Harry Potter Pjs and drinks
Animal Crossing on the Switch and pans on the cooker
Youngest doing homework & a letter from hearing support
Wrapping paper

324/365 - 20th November
New pj's for my birthday, an early present. This is the 3rd year that I have got Harry Potter one's. It's a shame but these are my least favourite. The top is a cropped one and is really short on me. I have to pull the bottoms right up. lol They are so comfy though. I think they came from Primark.

325/365 - 21st November
My birthday and I had a brilliant day. Stu and I went out for a couple of drinks on the afternoon and it was such fun just to chat and play a few games of pool.

326/365 - 22nd November
This week I have finally got around to playing Animal Crossing on Ellie's Nintendo Switch. I'm hooked now. It is such a relaxing game. 

327/365 - 23rd November 
The start of making Bolognese for tea.

328/365 - 24th November
Despite the dining room table being clear and Ellie having a desk as well she still chooses to do her homework in the most awkward of places. I suppose she is at least doing her homework.

329/365 - 25th November
We received a letter from the hearing support worker who goes and see's Ellie at school every few months. (Ellie is deaf in one ear) It was all positive, a big change from the last letter where Ellie was struggling to understand people because they were wearing masks. Ellie doesn't rely on lip reading but it helps. Now things are getting back to normal she is doing so much better. The school have been amazing, she has been put in smaller classes and all of the teachers know to make sure she has heard everything they've said.

330/365 - 26th November
The wrapping paper is bought. I am hoping I have enough. I think I got a bargain with a few. 10 meters for £1 where everywhere else seems to be selling 4m for £1.

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  1. Well done Ellie with school, so good to hear that she is doing so well. I bought 10ms for £1 and it kept ripping when I picked the gifts up, so ended up double wrapping and didn't really save any money. Hope you have a good birthday

  2. I keep saying I am done and all my wrapping is done but then I buy a few more things here and there and have to start all over again! LOL.

  3. So glad that Ellie has a good support at school, and finds it less stressful this year. Happy belated birthday to you! I need new PJs too. A shame the top is too short. You're super organised with Christmas shopping. I'm less than half way through.

  4. Glad Ellie is getting the support she needs, it's great to hear a positive support story these days. Glad you had a good birthday x #365

  5. Happy belated birthday, I can not remember the last time we went and played pool (probably pre kids) good to know it comes back around again! I need to buy wrapping paper yet and that sounds like a real bargain. I hate spending money on things like paper! Great to hear about Ellie (tips about getting them to do their homework please) and that she is doing much better. Good that the school is helping too x

  6. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I was going to say I love the HP PJ's until I read it is a cropped top - I definitely need something to keep me warm!
    I had to chuckle, Liv is the same for doing her homework - lots of space in her room, but would rather use the dining room table!
    That is a lot of wrapping paper - good price too! I am too lazy these days and have just bought new sacks, I only wrap the easier, larger presents! ;) Sim x

  7. Lovely to start feeling festive. I quite like the wrapping stage! Glad you had a brilliant birthday. Sophie loves Animal Crossing on the Switch too. That doesn’t look like the best spot for doing homework, but as you say, at least Ellie’s doing it! Glad the report from the hearing support worker was good and that Ellie is getting plenty of support at school. #project365

  8. Glad you had a good week!

    Shame re the top of the pyjamas!

    Sounds like Ellie is getting the support she needs..thats good!

    I keep meaning to give animal crossing a go

  9. Belated birthday wishes from me! Glad you had such a good week. I used to be a big fan of animal crossing but never really played it since after going into labour with my first whilst playing and having to cut my game short and head to hospital lol. So pleased the school are supporting Ellie fully x

  10. I bought myself those Harry Potter PJ's. Happy belated birthday. Glad to read that Ellie is getting on better at school - we have just started to wear masks at Isaac's one again

  11. Happy belated birthday wishes! I can never resist buying Christmas wrapping paper and then everyone has to have some for their birthdays too! Matthew's school have been wearing masks all day for weeks :( #project365