Friday 19 November 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Birthday! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


There is two exciting birthdays this week. My blog turned 9 on Tuesday! Time really has flown. When I started my blog I never expected to be still blogging now but it is something that I love. I was curious to when I first joined in with Word of the Week and it was way back in February 2014 with the word television. I think I have joined in most weeks since, that is a lot of words but a great way to record the normal, every day moments.

The other birthday this week is mine which is on Sunday. I have already started my birthday celebrations, well Becky did she took me into town and bought me breakfast as a treat. She had ulterior motives though. She wanted to finish her Christmas shopping and wanted me to help carrying the bags. lol. I didn't mind, I picked up some more presents too, quite a few actually. I think I have just about finished my Christmas shopping, I have got everything that I need to get so everything else that I buy for people is a bonus.

I almost stumbled across my birthday presents during the week that Stu has hidden away. I was on with sorting out the kids Christmas presents, putting everything into piles to see how much they had and to make sure the piles were near enough the same and I was rummaging around in the wardrobe. He came running upstairs and told me not to look in the top cupboard, there's nothing for me to see up there. lol

I don't have any massive plans for my birthday. Stu and I are going into town tomorrow. I am desperate to have a Christmas dinner and I have found a pub which do them. I'm planning on having the full works. A prawn cocktail, a turkey dinner and then Christmas pudding. Then on Sunday I will have a lie in, open my presents and then do very little until it's time for tea. I think I have decided on getting a Chinese takeaway which my family is very happy about and there will of course be cake.

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. Have a guess what my Word of the Week will be next week?
    I hope you have a truly lovely birthday and that Stu and the girls have done well with the presents xx

  2. I hope you have a fabulous birthday this weekend!

  3. Happy ninth blogiversary and happy early birthday to you! I remember Word of the Week way back in the early years too (even though my current blog is only three), but hardly ever joined in. I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend wiht the Christmas dinner and Chinese takeaway on Sunday.

  4. Happy birthday to both your blog and you. I hope you had a really lovely day yesterday. Christmas dinner and Chinese takeaway sound like the perfect way to celebrate. #WotW