Saturday 13 November 2021

Week 45 of #Project365. 6th - 12th November. A photo every day for a year!

Despite me having a few disappointments this week it has been a good week. I got more Christmas shopping done, presents and food variety and I bought our matching Christmas eve pj's which should be delivered over the next few days. Whenever Stu hasn't been at work he has been working on putting the fence up and it is so close to being finished and it's looking great. All it will need is a lick of paint. Ellie had her vaccine mid-week and has been absolutely fine. She had a sore arm and that was it. Phew! 

Now for a photo every day!

Haribo calendar and a misty evening
McDonalds food and the fence going up
Hair dyes
Broken shoe and Christmas freezer food

303/365 - 6th November
I was sent a glow in the dark HARIBO calendar to have a look at. I have had to go out and buy another so the girls have one each. lol So much for me keeping it for myself.

304/365 - 7th November
After a couple of days of wind and rain it was nice for the weather to be a bit nicer. It was still freezing but at least the sun had been shining.

305/365 - 8th November
Stu and I went into Hull to do a bit of Christmas shopping and just had to stop at McDonalds for lunch.

306/365 - 9th November
The fence was slowly being put up.

307/365 - 10th November
I had a delivery of hair dye. 2 reds, a blue and a green. That will keep me going for a few months.

308/365 - 11th November
Ellie came home from school on Wednesday with her shoes looking like this. I know, shocking to think I only bought them at the end of August. I took some photos so if the school complained about her going in her trainers I could show them the photo and tell them I have some new one's being delivered.

309/365 - 12th November
I have started stocking the freezer for Christmas. Got the turkey, pork, pigs in blankets and some party food.

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  1. haha, I had a feeling you'd have to buy more advent calendars. Can't wait to see what you hair looks like next...I've a new colour's grey! (and it didn't cost me a penny in hair dye)

  2. Oh dear, those shoes are really done for. It's always good to know that christmas prep and shopping is well underway.

  3. Oh wow those shoes didn't last long did they?

    The fence is looking good and never head of a glow in the dark calendar before!

  4. Oh no, look at the state of those shoes, what a pain you have to buy a new pair. The fence is looking good. Is it the cardboard box which is glowing in the dark, or are the Haribos inside glowing? Eddie might one of those.

  5. Love how you dye your hair, I used to do this until i reached my late 20's, tempted to go green soon though. Oh my word at those shoes, what a state, what on earth is she doing in them? I've finished 95% of christmas shopping, I won't be buying any food until we need it, we just have a roast dinner for christmas, never gone overboard yet

  6. Love the look of the Haribo advent calendar. Sounds like you’re being organised with getting ready for Christmas. Glad that the fence is nearly finished and that Ellie was okay after her jab. Those shoes really didn’t last very long at all! #project365

  7. My shoes fell apart last wee but not as spectacularly as that! I have stocked up my freezer so that if the world locks down we can still have Christmas dinner. #project365

  8. Sorry your week didn't go quite as planned. Hope you manage to enjoy your festive bake soon. I like the Haribo advent, am sure my two would love those. Good plan stocking the freezer come what may you will have tasty food in for Christmas now, I always worry in case the shortages do happen, might have to start being prepared too. Well done on the fence, looks great!

  9. I have been eyeing up some hair dyes this week, I really fancy a change of colour. Sorry to hear you had some disappointments this week

  10. I am not sure what they do to their shoes! I hope her new ones have arrived now. What a pain. Well done on starting the food shopping I really need to get a wriggle on with Christmas. The fence looks amazing.