Wednesday 10 November 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The glow in the dark HARIBO Advent Calendar!

When I was a child my brother and I got a basic chocolate advent calendar, I can even remember as a young child just getting one with pictures in but things have changed and now the choice of advent calendars is huge. You can get them with just about everything in. Chocolate of course as well as toys, popcorn, alcohol, a massive range of beauty one's, socks and even one's for pets.

What I love though is advent calendars with sweets in, sweets that the whole family loves. The Christmas countdown has just got sweeter and a lot more fun with the new glow in the dark HARIBO Advent Calendar.

glow in the dark HARIBO Advent Calendar

Bringing together family favourite from across the globe there are 24 windows that are hiding a merry mix of little treats. Lots of HARIBO favourites with Tropifrutti, Goldbears and MAOAM all featured. I thought I had tried all of the HARIBO sweets over the years but looking at what is included there is some which are new to me and some which I have never even seen in the shops.

HARIBO advent calendar contents.

What I am most excited to try is the HARIBO Quaxi frogs and the HARIBO Roulette. With five fruity flavors in a single roll, HARIBO Roulette will have you spinning with delight. Enjoy the delicious variety of Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, and Strawberry flavours.

This is a fantastic alternative to the traditional chocolate calendar and as well as being full of tasty treats the image on the front of the calendar glows in the dark which is perfect for those dark winter nights!

These are on sale for around £5.00 at places which usually sell advent calendars. 

I was sent the The glow in the dark HARIBO Advent Calendar free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. oooh, my eldest daughter is a big kid at heart and loves haribo. She's really like this and I like the idea it glows in the dark.

  2. I really like the HARIBO advents, we have one this year. My eldest loves all HARIBO sweets, but especially the MAOAM.x