Friday 19 November 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The VEX Gift Card for when you are not sure what to gift someone.

There is always someone in our life that we struggle to buy a present for. For me it is my nephew. I have always been useless when it comes to buying presents for boys and now that he is not a child I have always gone with putting money into a card but it always seems like the easy option. I have thought about giving him a gift card but picking one has always had me struggling too, there is just too much choice out there but this is where the VEX Gift Card comes in handy!

VEX Gift Card

 The VEX Gift Card is a multi choice gift card. It's the ideal present for those situations where you're not 100% sure what to gift someone but don't want to tie down a budget to a single store they might not like for example I remember a few years ago someone gave me a Morrisons gift card for Christmas which was lovely of them but our nearest one was miles away and not much use to me. 

You buy the VEX Gift Card which is available in values a low as £10 all the way to £250 and whoever you give it to can choose which gift card to exchange it. They have a choice of over 150 Gift Cards and eGift Cards featured on Voucher Express which is home to some of the biggest retail brands in Britain. There are a multitude of spending options, from Fashion & Home to Experience Days. For food lovers, fashion enthusiasts, thrill seekers and grocery shoppers, they're guaranteed to find a brand they love.

Where to spend the VEX Gift Card

There really is a huge selection of vouchers to choose from and it is easy for the receiver to spend their VEX Gift Card. They just click on one of the many banners on the Voucher Express website, enter the code which is on the back of the card and then choose from the wide range of Gift Cards and eGift Cards and then have it delivered to them either by post or an email if the voucher is to use online.

The VEX Gift card is valid for 3 years and it must be redeemed within this time frame. The gift card value does not have to be used in one spend or against one brand. For example say you had a VEX gift card for £50 you can exchange it for a £20 Primark card, £20 Argos and a £10 Costa gift card. I think this is a fantastic bonus.

Have you heard of the The VEX Gift Card before? Do you know someone who would like one?

I was sent a VEX Gift Card with £50 on in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Good idea. I think kids love choosing their own things too

  2. Looks great! I love that there's a mix of days out, shopping and restaurants to choose from too x