Thursday 25 November 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Island Bakery Orange, Cranberry & Pecan Shortbread Tin - Review!

Shortbread is something which features heavily in our Christmas celebrations. We eat boxes and packets of the stuff and I always buy some as gifts for people. Shortbread is available all year around but sometimes it seems a little bit more special over the festive season. Recently I was sent a tasty treat from Natures Healthbox to try out, shortbread of course!

Island Bakery Orange, cranberry & pecan shortbread tin

I was sent a tin of the Island Bakery Orange, Cranberry & Pecan Shortbread Tin to have a look at and try.

Island Bakery is a brand I haven't heard of before but I did like the sound of it. The Island Bakery offer an extensive selection of hand-baked organic Biscuits and Shortbread based treats. The Island Bakery believe great biscuits come in many shapes, sizes and guises and are not the sort of people that get excited by timid tastes, ridiculously regimented uniformity or overtly flouncy formats. Therefore when choosing the Island Bakery biscuits you can rest assured that the Food you consume will never contain any preservatives, palm oils, GMO’s or artificial colours & flavours. These Scottish-baked treats should be savoured slowly, not nonchalantly nibbled or idly scoffed.

Orange, cranberry & pecan shortbread

I remember when I was a kid shortbread it was just butter shortbread, it wasn't flavoured like it is now. They are such a treat and there was plenty of different flavours to choose from but as Christmas is coming the cranberry in these shortbread really stood out to me.

The Island Bakery Orange, Cranberry & Pecan Shortbread Tin contains a tray of delightful fruit and nut all-butter shortbread treats.

A bright and lively Orange taste underpins the contrasting textures of soft, chewy cranberries, gently yielding Pecan Nuts, and light, crisp, all-butter shortbread. The tart Cranberry lends a piquant counterpoint to the creamy pecans and butteriness of the biscuit. The orange flavour comes from the natural oil extracted from the zest of the fruit.

Just opening the packet which was in the tin had my mouth watering. The smell was amazing. Stu walked into the kitchen just as I was putting the lid on the tin and could even smell them and was impressed.

Orange, cranberry & pecan shortbread from Island Bakery

These really were a treat. With every mouthful I could taste each flavour. There was plenty of pecans and cranberry pieces in the shortbread, they really are something special. I have hidden these away from the kids so I can enjoy them as a treat, they are that good.

The tin is 215g and in it you get about 12 biscuits so they need to be savoured. I am tempted to buy a few more tins as a special treat for me and one for my dad as he would love them. This particular tin cost £8.95 which might seem expensive for some biscuits but they are amazing and you get the gorgeous tin which is no doubt going to come in useful for something.

With Christmas coming this would make an ideal gift for a lover of fine food and luxury. Island Bakery have other flavours of shortbread and yummy looking biscuits to choose from if you are not a fan of orange, cranberry & pecan.

I was sent the Island Bakery Orange, Cranberry & Pecan Shortbread Tin free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. OMG they sound amazing - and the cranberry does make them seem very festive. We need to buy some of the older family members gifts so I shall suggest these to hubby.

  2. Oh these look sooooo good! I love the combination of flavours.
    Shortbread is my favourite so I would hide them too, hehe. xx