Friday 12 November 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Disappointed! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It's not as bad as it sounds, I have had a good week it's just there was quite a few disappointments which I am laughing about now. 

On Monday Stu and I went into Hull to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I was hoping to get most of it done as Hull has a big B&M and Primark but I was very disappointed as what they had in wasn't great. Primark was full of "going out clothes" which my girls wouldn't wear and things that I am assuming the Birmingham shop didn't want as there was a few things that said 100% Brummie. lol B&M was great if you wanted xmas decorations, cups and bath bombs because that's about all they had. Usually they are great for advent calendars, I was planning on getting the girls the Pringles one but they had none of them and I didn't actually notice any advent calendars which seems a shame.

The disappointment in Hull didn't stop there. I had planned to get a Festive Bake from Greggs, I had been looking forward to it and I went to the counter and the man said we have none. I looked at him for a few seconds and the confusion on my face prompted a woman behind him to say they've pushed the date back and aren't being sold until the 22nd of this month. I was gutted and it actually made me quite sad. I know it's pretty stupid to be sad over something as basic as a pasty but after a rubbish shopping trip I was really looking forward to it and had been for weeks. Someone on Twitter who's husband works at Greggs did say that they have been making the Festive Bakes since August so it must be more of a delivery issue.

Becky has been complaining to her college and the bus company over the past week. She was very disappointed on Monday when the bus to and from college was so full. Her college and another college use the buses that the council put on but when Covid was in full swing they cut down the amount of buses as less people were going into college and they haven't put the extra buses back on now that everyone is back in college. Grr! On Wednesday the bus was so full that it didn't even stop. By the time she had walked into town and caught the bus home it was almost half past five, she usually gets in at about twenty to five. 

Ellie had her vaccine on Wednesday and was absolutely fine with it. She was quite disappointed that she didn't have any side effects and didn't have to have a day off school. All she had was a sore arm. I was very relieved. The school did a great job and the nurse who gave Ellie her jab made sure she knew the side effects to look out for, especially one's to do with her heart.

New shoes should be delivered today for Ellie. The one's she had have dropped to bits. They lasted about 45 days of wearing them before they ended up like this.

Broken shoes

 I didn't want to say I told you so to my girl and my fella but I totally did. When they were bought I knew they wouldn't last but Ellie thought she knew best. They were just too soft and flimsy. The shoes I have ordered are one's of my choice which she's had in the past and I know they will last.

I also have my Iceland food shop being delivered and fingers crossed I am not disappointed it should include the meat for Christmas and some boxes of party food. I just hope there is enough room in the freezer. We have been trying to clear it out this past week but we'll see. Eek! 

I hope you have all had a good week?


  1. ooops, what a lot of disappointment this week. I think I get you with the festive bake, to compete I ordered a Mc Muffin delivery for breakfast for me and my eldest the other day. We thought it would be a real treat....but urgh...I wish I'd ordered something from Greggs instead, lol. What a shame about the shoes, but yes, Mum's know best :) xx

  2. All those little disappoints and aggravations can add up and I often have to remind myself that not everything is bad when it does seem like I have a day where nothing is going quite the way I had planned.

  3. Aw, I would have been disappointed too! Especially with the festive bake.
    I popped to B&M just the other day. I haven't been in ages but I was totally disappointed when I got there. They didn't seem to have much at all! Fingers crossed all of your food shop turns up. xx

  4. What a shame that your shopping trip was so disappointing and you didn't get to have your festive bake either. Hope the college sort things out with the buses - good for Becky for complaining about it. I'm glad that Ellie didn't have any side effects. Her shoes really have fallen apart - it's quite impressive how much they've done so! Hope everything arrived in your food shop and you managed to find space. #WotW

  5. That's a lot fo disappointment, I had a similar melt down over going out for coffee and cake the other day and they had no gluten free options left. I've seen teh 100% Brummie tops in Primark in Birmingham recently, they must have got the deliveries mixed up, I can't imagine anyone wearing one anyone or even a Hull one. I hope your food shop went well.