Tuesday 25 May 2021

Sometimes it is good to complain.

Once in a while if I know I am in the right I do love to have a good complain to companies who have wronged me. I don't complain to get money off or freebies like some people do, I just want the company to know they are not doing something right and to change what they are doing. 


My most recent complaint was to Subway, the sandwich shop about a really rude man who messed an order up and then was rude to us. I got a voucher code for 2 free meal deals and when I was in town a few weeks ago I went in and cashed my code in. I felt so ashamed and guilty explaining about the codes to the lady who served us and I know I shouldn't have. The woman came back with a little notebook with a list of complaint codes and said we weren't the only one's to complain about the man in the past couple of weeks. Eek! 

Years ago I boycotted a supermarket because their delivery service was terrible. Most weeks I would get my delivery cost refunded to me because of their mess ups but the final straw was when they cancelled my Christmas food shop, they said there was not enough money in the bank to take payment. I phoned them, knowing there was and they said there was nothing they could do. An hour or so later my food shop arrived, much to my surprise and theirs. They said something has gone wrong somewhere and I am still none the wiser what it was. I left the money in the bank for months and they never took it but did ban me from shopping online with them again because they had me down as a non-payer despite their mistake.

When I think of the funniest complaints I have made the one which always springs to mind is the paddling pool for Borrowers. I ordered a bargain paddling pool off the Tesco website and it was one of those things that when it arrived it was nothing like what was advertised. It was pink despite saying it was multicloured and it was tiny compared to the one advertised on the website. Tesco were brilliant about it and it gave us and them a good giggle. They did take notice of my complaint and removed it from their website.

Paddling pool

My dad has made me a complainer. He is really careful with his money and has taught me that if I don't get the service or product I expect I have the right to complain. I remember years ago when I had just left home he had an issue with NTL, who later became Virgin over his phone and TV bill. He complained every month for a good couple of years because they would always overcharge him. I don't think he ever paid a full bill with them while he was a customer. He did eventually get sick and switched companies. 

I have realised now a days you get more of a response if you complain on social media. It is a shame that we as the public have to name and shame a company that does wrong to us to sometimes get a response.

Years ago I had issues with British Gas. I owed them money but they owed me money too. After spending a couple of hours on the phone trying to speak to someone who talked sense I gave up and went on Twitter and the issue was sorted in about 9 minutes. 

I was looking back for the photo of the trampoline and came across this, one of my most amazing substitutes from a supermarket.

Substitutions from Tesco. 20 cigarettes substituted for a pineapple

I didn't complain but still can't decide if the person thought it was a good substitution or was just having a laugh. 20 cigarettes replaced with a pineapple. lol I suppose a pineapple is healthier.

Do you complain when someone has wronged you?


  1. I don't complain as often as I should but there are times when I do. The paddling pool made me giggle - it's nothing like the one advertised, is it? It's so frustrating that you often have to resort to naming and shaming on social media to get a response. We've had some weird substitutions in the past too. Good for you for making sure you speak up against getting a shoddy service. #MMBC

  2. I do complain but only when I feel genuinely wronged (like the things you've mentioned above).

  3. Haha yep it is good to complain as it helps make improvements x #mmbc

  4. LOVE the title of this post. Most of us could learn to complain more effectively. Good for your dad for teaching you the right way to complain.