Thursday 20 May 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Rose and Lemon Flavoured Turkish Delight from Sous Chef.

Father's day is next month and I have been thinking about what to get my dad. Since having Covid he has gone right off chocolate which used to be my go to gift for father's day. His taste hasn't been right either so I wanted something with a bit of flavour and just at the right time I received an email about great gift ideas for food-fanatic fathers from Sous Chef!

They have a great selection of gifts for but one thing which caught my eye was the Lokumcuzade Fez Box of Rose and Lemon Flavoured Turkish Delight.

Rose and Lemon Flavoured Turkish Delight from Sous Chef

This is fantastic present for Turkish Delight fans and loved ones with a sweet tooth.

The rose and lemon flavoured sweets come in a stylish gift box reminiscent of a fez hat which I love. It really made me smile and the kids said it made them think of Doctor Who. lol I am sure my dad would think of the comedian Tommy Cooper when he see's it.

Lokumcuzade fez rose and lemon flavoured Turkish Delight

I have course had to open the packet of Turkish Delight and have a taste which means my dad will be getting this present early.

I tried one piece of each flavour of the Turkish Delight and could have easily eaten more. They were delicious, the flavours were strong and I think my dad will love them. Like I said his taste has been off since having Covid and I know these will give his taste buds a work out.

The Turkish Delight comes in 275g boxes and costs £7.50 from the Sous Chef website.

Sous Chef have some great gifts for those dad's which are into their food. As well as the usual gift hampers including food and drinks there are recipe kits, cookbooks, delicious ingredients, all sorts of cooking utensils and confectionery.

These are some of the top picks:

The Sous Chef Club Tasting Box - A 3 Month Subscription.
Labelled as "the go-to subscription box for keen cooks" by Vanity Fair, and rated a best-buy by The Independent. The Sous Chef Tasting Box offers five hand-picked new ingredients monthly, along with tasting notes and ideas for each product. Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Pastificio Del Colle Squid Ink Striped Farfalle 250g.
Resembling striped bow ties, these pasta pieces are almost too good to eat! Made by Italian pasta maker Pastificio del Colle using natural dyes and artisanal methods.

Stuart Gardiner Wine Towel
This vibrant tea towel from British designer Stuart Gardiner will guide you through everything you could possibly want to know about how wine is made, drunk and bottled.

Venchi Nougatine Chocolate Cigar 100g.
Venchi’s nougatine chocolate cigar is made with the finest Italian ingredients, making it an exceptional chocolate bar for gifting. Enjoy with a tipple of whiskey as a post-dinner nibble!

Do you or a loved one like Turkish Delight?

I was sent the Lokumcuzade fez rose and lemon flavoured Turkish Delight free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Ooh I like proper Turkish delight and I am sure this one is gorgeous. Sous chef do some lovely products!

  2. This would be perfect for Craig! He loves Turkish delight, I'm not so keen so he would be made up that he wouldn't have to share. x

  3. I'm not a fan of Turkish Delight but these look fab for those who are! Love the other gift ideas too :) #MMBC