Friday 7 May 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Muddled. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is: 


The bank holiday has really thrown me this week. I have been lost to what day it is. I ended up starting the food shop for the weekend on Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday and on Thursday we had mad dash finding Ellie's PE kit because I had it in my head it was only Wednesday. I spent a good 10 minutes looking for it in her bedroom while she was getting ready for school only for Stu to say he had left it on the dining room table.

On Friday I went to town with Becky and her girlfriend. It was a fun day apart from the argument we had in Subway. The man serving us was very rude about an order he got wrong a couple of weeks ago and then tried to lie saying the girls hadn't rang about it and spoke to him. All they wanted was to let him know the order was wrong. He tried to say they were lying about ringing despite the phone call being logged on Becky's phone. He went as far as to say that the phone didn't work in the store. Technology is a wonderful thing and you should have seen his face when we rang the number and the phone in the store rang. lol He got himself in a bit of a muddle and said he doesn't ever answer the phone which I think is an issue in it's self and said if we didn't know his name we can't complain. He didn't have a name badge on which I am sure they have to wear. I of course complained online, even without his name and received an apology and a code for two free meal deals which Stu & I will be using on Monday. hehehe I really hope he is working and remembers me, he really wasn't a nice man.

After what seems like a month with no rain it has certainly made up for it this week. The weather certainly has been a bit muddled. It's May, it should not be this cold and we certainly should not be getting hailstones. Eesh! There has been a couple of dry spells which has given me change to get out into the garden to do some weeding.

Ellie has been a bit muddled when it comes to her French lessons. She doesn't understand it, never has and I doubt she ever will. I got a message from school saying she had scored too low in a test and she had to do more learning at home. We're not stressing over it. Ellie only has a couple of more months of studying French before it's dropped and she starts doing her GCSE subjects. She hasn't chosen French so we're just going to muddle through until the end of term.

Today should feel like a Friday though. All the Friday things are happening. It's the start of the weekend, the food shop is being delivered, Becky's girlfriend is coming for a visit and there will be wine drunk tonight. hehehe Today should get me back on track to what day it is.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I like my routines and the Bank Holiday really threw me this week too! The most exciting thing that I did this week was got my first vaccine, so pleased to have got it done and luckily I didn't have any side effects.

  2. The bank holiday threw us off kilter too this week. But at least it's Friday now. What a horrid man in Subway, people with attitudes like that shouldn't be working with the public. Boo still hasn't chosen her options yet, I don't know what's going on. I phoned to speak to the school and they don't know either! xx

  3. Well, we didn't have a bank holiday here in the U.S. but I still thought yesterday was Friday and have had to remind myself a good half-dozen times already today that my son only has a 1/2 day of school and that I need to pick him up at noon. I feel all discombobulated this week and I'm not sure what has me so thrown.

  4. Bank holidays always throw me out too so you're not the only one feeling muddled with the days. The man in Subway sounds horrid - I'd have complained too. The weather has definitely been muddled this week - it feels like we've had all types over the last few days! Sounds like a good plan for Ellie to muddle through with French as best she can especially if she's not taking it for her GCSEs. Hope you have a good weekend and next week is less muddled. #WotW

  5. So glad you got an apology and a coupon code after complaining about this guy's behavior in Subway. I really hope he works on Monday and remembers you indeed.

    I totally understnad about getting this week all muddled up. Here in the Netherlands, we celebrated Liberation Day on Wednesday. Even though it is only a bank holiday every five years, we at my care facility had the day off from day activities. I am usually quite caught up on what day it is, but still I'm having them a bit muddled up now. #WotW

  6. Bank holidays always throw the week for me too, but I seem to catch up quickly this week. Not sure why. I'm glad you got an apology from Subway. Let's hope change filters down to the branch. Not the way to treat your customers. It's a shame Ellie's not getting on well with French, but at least its not much longer. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.#wotw

  7. What a rude person! glad you got an apology. Bank Holiday and a day off for Polling Day have left me feeling a bit muddled too though it was a nice short week.

  8. I also forgot the muddle of mixing up the days as a result of the bank holiday Monday. I was glad for the shorter work week though. Good on you to complain about the poor customer service you received. We really shouldn't have to put up with that. Well, we hope you all have a great week ahead.

  9. It was a very muddled week with the bank holiday. I had no idea what day it was. It sounds like an interesting visit to Subway. I was never any good at French. For some reason I thought it was a compulsory GCSE now. I think they should start us learning it younger #WotW