Saturday 15 May 2021

Week 19 of #Project365. 8th - 14th May. A photo every day for a year!

 Happy Saturday! I hope you have all had a good week? We haven't been up to much, just the usual school, college, work, housework, visits to my dad's and nothing out of the ordinary. Life feels pretty normal at the moment but next week there will be a new normal with more of the restrictions being lifted. I am looking forward to giving my dad a hug, it's been a long time.

Now for a photo every day!

Turkish Delight
Grey clouds
Hula hoop potato shapes and ants
My fella strimming around the garden
My eldest with her bike and prawn pasta salad

128/365 - 8th May
Turkish delight. I was sent it to feature in a blog post which you can see next week.

129/365 - 9th May
Despite the grey clouds on Sunday the weather hasn't been too bad. There has been lots of rain but plenty of sunshine in-between.

130/365 - 10th May
We had the Hula Hoop potato shapes from Iceland with corned beef pasties and baked beans and they were OK, not amazing but they did really taste like Hula Hoops and the kids enjoyed them. I won't rush to get them again.

131/365 - 11th May
I disturbed an ants nest while weeding and digging up some of the garden. I wasn't stung but felt like they were crawling on me. It was a good excuse to have an afternoon dip in the bath.

132/365 - 12th May
My fella did the strimming in the garden. I have got the hang of using the lawnmower but the strimmer scares me. 

133/365 - 13th May
Becky and I went for a bike ride, called in to see my dad and met Stu from work and made it home in time for Ellie coming out of school.

134/365 - 14th May
Prawn and pasta salad. I made way too much and half ended up back in the fridge.

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  1. I can't wait to get back to normal and be able to see people indoors again!

  2. I have never had Turkish delight and only know if it from the Narnia books. Your pasta salad looks delicious.

  3. Ooh I love proper turkish delight. Shudder - I hate ants, it feels like they're always crawling over you when they're not really.

  4. Love Turkish delight hope it tasted as good as it looks. I saw the pasta in insta and it looked really good. Its a shame the Hula Hoop potato shapes didn't taste as good as the real thing #365

  5. Ant's can be such a pain. We thought we'd got rid of a nest by our house when the double glazing was done last year, sadly they've still found a way into our living room. Turkish Delight always reminds me of my Dad - he loves it #365

  6. Oh the turkish delight looks good!

    Hate ants....we have had nests in the garden too. They seem to find their way into the conservatory.

  7. Ooh Turkish delight is yummy – haven’t had any for ages! I really must try those Hula Hoop potato shapes – I’m really intrigued by them! Lovely to get out for a bike ride. That prawn and pasta salad looks delicious. #project365

  8. My son's birthday ants arrived today! Not bitey red ants... :) I shared the Hula Hoop and Space Raider link with all my family but none of us have bought them yet . #project365

  9. Oh I love Turkish delight. I am not a fan of ants at all, we have some ants nests in our compost heap and I always give them a wide birth. Lets hope the weather improves soon!

  10. The pasta salad looks nice, but I'm sorry the hula hoops just look like mush to me. Bet it's lovely being able to spend proper time with your dad again