Wednesday 5 May 2021

Swizzels products which are not the typical sweets!

 As a child I used to love sweets from Swizzels. Rainbow Drops remind me so much of the tuck shop at school, Drumsticks, Parma Violets, Refreshers and Love Hearts. More recently I have found a love for the Drumstick Squashies. I can easily eat a full sharing packet to myself if I am not careful.

More and more I am seeing Swizzels products which are not the typical sweets and I am loving them all.

Drumstick Squashie tea lights and bubble bath

I was in B&M a few weeks ago and saw a whole host of things. Drumstick Squashie tea lights and shower & bath lotion which I couldn't resist buying. The tea lights were a couple of pounds and smell amazing and I think the bubble bath was a pound I think. There is a whole host of candles and tealights all in different Swizzels flavours.
Swizzels candles
As well as scented candles there is air fresheners and reed diffusers which I didn't know about until last week. I bought the Rainbow Drops reed diffuser and it is such a sweet smell but does smell like Rainbow Drops.

Swizzels air fresheners

In the past we have baked Parma Violet & Drumstick Squashies cupcakes using kits which you can buy from most supermarkets for a couple of pounds each. They are great fun to do on a rainy day.

The kit's contain everything you need to make a handful of cupcakes you just need to add butter and eggs, a couple of mixing bowls, a wooden spoon, scales, tin, an icing bag and a willing helper!

Parma Violet & Drumstick Squashies cupcakes.

Perfect for the summer there are a selection of ice lollies which are available from supermarkets for a couple of pounds per box but I did get some for £1.50 from Iceland. The kids love them all especially the bubblegum flavoured one's. I am not usually a fan of Parma Violets but do like their ice lollies.

Swizzles Ice lollies

From B&M you can also get the ice pops/poles which you put in the freezer and freeze yourself. They come in Fruity Pops, Drumstick, Refresher flavours.

Have you tried any of the Swizzels products which are not the typical sweets?


  1. I love the Swizzles candles - what a fun idea. Sophie is a big fan of Squashies too and we've recently discovered the ice lollies which she loves. #MMBC

  2. I really want to try out the lolly range they look really good x