Saturday 8 May 2021

Week 18 of #Project365. 1st - 7th May. A photo every day for a year!

What a week of weather we've had. I am sat here writing this thinking about going and sitting in the garden as it's quite warm out there. Midweek we had hailstones and it felt a lot like winter. It certainly didn't feel like weather for May.

We have had a good week with not much going on. The usual school, college and plodding on with life. 

Now for a photo every day!

En croutes and veg and strawberries and ice cream
Grey clouds
My youngest in from school and a moody looking sky
Soaking in the bath and some freezer food.

121/365 - 1st May
My favourite meal: beef, roasted garlic & mushroom En croutes with roast potatoes and honey roasted carrots.

122/365 - 2nd May
I fancied something sweet and got a little carried away. Strawberries, chocolate brownies and vanilla ice cream topped with cream and grated chocolate

123/365 - 3rd May
A very cloudy Monday. It's been like this most days this past week.

124/365 - 4th May
If it's going to rain you can guarantee it will be when the kids come out of school. It absolutely chucked it down and poor Ellie got soaked. Of course 5 minutes after she got in the sun was shining and it was dry again.

125/365 - 5th May
I got out in the garden and did a bit of gardening while the sun was shining. By the time I was finishing up the grey clouds were coming in.

126/365 - 6th May
Some days a long soak in the bath is needed.

127/365 - 7th May
I got the weekly food shop from Iceland just to try out these 3 things. The Hula Hoops and Space Raiders potato shapes and the Rain-Dough Ben & Jerry's ice cream. My fella thought the potato shapes were just big bags of crisps, they're not, they're one's that go in the oven. I think we'll be having them with something like chicken nuggets.

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  1. Ohh I thought they were crisps too ! Hmm not sure about those, are they pickled onion flavour ? They sound a bit weird so let me know what they're like !

  2. That brownie dessert looks amazing!!

  3. I used to love Space Raiders crisps. Are the potatoes the same salt & vinegar flavour too or just the shape? The brownie dessert looks like the short of thing I'd like

  4. Fab food and snacks, you've got me wanting to search empty cupboards now. Took me ages to work out you meant the hula hoops weren't crisps. Glad you enjoyed your soak in the bath, I have one almost daily

  5. Love the idea of the brownie dessert and your favourite meal. I do love a good soak in the bath, not that a get a peaceful one often! #365

  6. I assumed they were crisps too! Will look out for those :) Rain on the school run is almost guaranteed (in fact it is raining now as they are about to set off!) #project365

  7. The weather has been all over the place yesterday and it does always seem to rain at school run time. That brownie, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream dessert looks amazing. I'm intrigued by the Hula Hoop and Space Raiders potato shapes - are they just shapes or are they flavoured too? #project365

  8. Been hearing a lot about those space raiders! Might have to give them a try. OOh the dessert sounds so good!

    The weather has been strange but glad you got some gardening fitted in.

  9. I am so over the weather poor Ellie. I am totally a fair weather gardener. Should be out there now but its raining again... How do you find out about these new foods! I love the sound of the ice cream be interested to see what you thought.

  10. Love the Hula Hoops and Space Raiders potato shapes. The weather has been lots of fun to say the least. We haven't had hail stones though, but then I could have missed them. Love the dessert #365

  11. That dessert looks incredible! Save me a serving next time! The weather is awful again today! I really hope we have some more sunshine soon. I love a soak in the bath too! I might have one tonight now.