Thursday 27 May 2021

Unusual food concoctions that shouldn't work but sometimes do.

There are certain foods which shouldn't go together but sometimes do. Many people stumble across strange combinations just by rummaging through the food cupboard when they don't have much in or feeling experimental. Sometimes other weird combos are passed down to us from our parents.

Things on toast

The traditional image of Brits being unadventurous when it comes to food is blown away by a poll of 2,000 UK adults and their top 10 most common "weird" treats:

1. Banana and sugar sandwiches
2. Tuna and salt & vinegar crisps
3. Butter and sugar sandwiches
4. Cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches
5. Sausage and salad cream sandwiches
6. Dipping toast in to tea
7. Cold baked beans in a salad
8. Yorkshire pudding with sugar
9. Dry, buttered Weetabix
10. Mayonnaise on toast

Some of these sound quite normal to me. I remember as a child having banana and sugar sandwiches also apple and sugar sandwiches too. They might have been full of sugar but at least there was fruit in them.

 The kids won't try cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches, they think that is too weird. It's not something I often have, I prefer cheese and strawberry jam in tea cakes. They taste amazing!

When I was a child on a Sunday after a roast dinner there would always be left over Yorkshire puddings which we used to eat with strawberry jam on or if my mum was feeling generous she would let my brother and I have squirty cream! They were a real treat.

I have never heard of dipping toast in tea. That is a little too weird for me and so is dry buttered Weetabix! There is no amount of butter that could make a dry Weetabix edible, you need the milk. 

Over the years I have eaten combinations of food that others think are weird but myself and my family don't. There is times when even my family think I have a weird taste in food.

Some of my favourite weird foods are:

Pot noodles or Super Noodles with the water drained out, in a sandwich or on toast.
Ready salted crisps and chocolate together.
Cold roast parsnips.
McDonalds fries dipped in milkshake.
White rice with baked beans.
Cream crackers with cottage cheese and grapes on.
Mashed potato and gravy sandwiches.
Digestive biscuits dipped in yoghurt.
Rich tea biscuits dipped in lemonade.
Spaghetti with just tomato ketchup over.
Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches.
Tomato soup with sausage rolls dipped in.

Have you eaten any of these "weird" food combinations? What do you eat that others think is strange?


  1. I used to dunk my fries in my shake at Mc D's too! Most people I know did though so I didn't think it was too weird. One odd pairing I like is some fresh strawberries lightly sauteed in balsamic vinegar served with balsamic chicken. My husband's grandfather always had a slice of American cheese with his pie and while he did get me to try it (and it tastes pretty good) I just can't do that... apple pie is served with ice cream!

  2. I loved sugar sandwiches as a kid... What was I thinking!!

  3. I have always loved Cheese and Jam sandwiches and the digestives dipped in yoghurt reminds me of school dinners when they used to serve it as a dessert. I also like ready salted crisps and tomato ketchup sandwiches which I suppose isn't that weird.

  4. I love peas with yoghurt! Natural yogurt that is, not sweet yogurt!

  5. You're not pregnant are you? Hehe. I do like some of your choices too. I also like plain Madeira cake with milk poured over it. I'm not weird at all! x ;)