Wednesday 12 May 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Natural Performance Nutrition Energy Bars from ProYOUth.

Sometimes we all need that little boost between meals especially if we have been working hard, exercising or have been to school.

ProYOUth natural performance nutrition energy bars are a handy snack which will keep you filled until meal times. They are aimed at younger people but they are not just for younger people, anyone can eat them and I was thinking they would be great for my fella who has quite a physical job and by most afternoons he is starting to feel tired and needs that boost as well as being good for the kids when they need a snack and a little bit of energy.

These bars were created by Marina, a mum to 2 bubbly kids who love to stay active through various sports and clubs. She noticed that her daughter particularly struggled with energy level especially when she joined a competitive swimming squad at the age of 8. She learnt from speaking to other parents that it's a huge challenge to find a handy snack to take with you when you are rushing off to training.

Adult protein or sports snacks contained ingredients that were not safe or had the levels not suitable for young people. They can cause stomach cramps and could be damaging in the long run. She realised there needed to be an alternative option aimed at younger people as an every day healthy snack.

Coming in three flavours Choc Brownie, Vanilla Delight and Banana Split each bar contains:

10-11g high quality Whey Protein which is gut friendly for young people. When eaten within 1 hour of training its absorbed quickly into the body as its a pre digested form of protein. Protein supports growth and maintenance of muscle helping body recover fast.

Vitamin B12 which plays a vital role in supporting brain neurological and psychological function.

Magnesium for reduction of tiredness and electrolyte balance.
Copper for iron transport combined with Phosphorus and Manganese for further energy yielding metabolism.

Naturally present vitamins and minerals in the ingredients and not added or fortified!

There are no artificial sweeteners, added sugars or nasties and these bars are made from whole foods ingredients.

You can buy these energy bars from the ProYOUth website.

I was sent a selection of the Natural Performance Nutrition Energy Bars from ProYOUth in exchange for this blog post.

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