Saturday 22 May 2021

Week 20 of #Project365. 15th - 21st May. A photo every day for a year!

 It has been a long week, not a bad one, just one of those with a lot going on and it has left me feeling tired. I am so ready for the weekend and a takeaway tonight.

Becky has her girlfriend stopping over for the weekend and they have so many plans. Watch The Greatest Showman together, play Fortnite, bake cookies, write CV's and apply for part time jobs and of course watch Eurovision tonight. They're not fancy plans but they are things they've wanted to do together for months.

Now for a photo every day!

Weeds or not?
An energydot and roast parsnips
Plants planted outside
Scones and biology homework
The Wii back up and working

135/365 - 15th May
I planted some wild flower seeds a few weeks ago. It's got to the point now where I can't decide if it's the flowers growing or just weeds. I will leave it a little longer and see what appears.

136/365 - 16th May
I was sent a couple of Energydots products to try out, well Stu was. He has been trying the bioBand for a few weeks and the blog post will be live next week.

137/365 - 17th May
Roast parsnips. My favourite part of a roast dinner.

138/365 - 18th May
The plants on my kitchen windowsill were getting too big and they weren't thriving as much as they were so I decided to plant them outside. The big tomato plant has since been attached to a pole of wood to keep it upright which is just as well with all of the wind we've had over the last couple of days.

139/365 - 19th May
Wednesday was baking day and I made scones. Cheese one's and fruit one's. They were so good. I ate 3 just on Wednesday. lol

140/365 - 20th May
Ellie had biology homework to do. She said she had done it at break time at school but then I got a text from school saying she hadn't done it. Eesh! I sat over her until she got it finished.

141/365 - 21st May
A few weeks ago the kids were on about playing on the Wii but we were missing a part. Stu had a look for it and found it. Now it's back up and running and as of writing this Becky and her girlfriend are playing tennis.

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  1. I have that same problem when I plan seeds! I can never tell the plants apart from the weeds.

  2. I have no idea about plants. I just leave them until there's flowers, or if they're taking over. Your plants look like they're doing well. I've been trying to get rid of my old Wii games on Music Magpie. Wii sports was one of them.

  3. You have been busy in the garden. I've not long just come back in from ours, it was so windy and cold! I changed straight into my pj's haha.
    It's lovely that Becky can finally spend some time with her girlfriend bless her. It must have been so hard for them both over the pandemic.
    Your scones look amazing! I could just eat one with a nice cuppa, yummy! x

  4. I can relate to not being sure whether it’s flowers growing or weeds – I’m struggling to weed my garden at the moment because of it! Next time I will get them established in pots first to help prevent that problem! Hope your plants are doing okay outside. Love home-made scones and yours look very yummy. Hope Becky enjoyed having her girlfriend over for the weekend. #project365

  5. I'm so gutted, the sunflowers that I had on my windowsill I put out in the garden and the flipping snails have stripped every single one - pesky things. Hope your tomatoes go better! #365

  6. Not heard of Energydots before....will have to have a read and see what the are about!

    The scones look so yummy!

    The plants look like they are doing well...probably the best decision to put them outside now.

  7. I'm not keen on sweet savoury food so things like carrots and parsnips are only ok covered in lots of gravy! Need to find out about Energydots... #project365

  8. The bioBand sounds interesting, I shall look out for the review

  9. There is definitely wild flowers in that bed, hoping they can be more readliy identifiable now. The tomato plants look like they are doing really well.

  10. Enegrydots sound interesting. Little E planted some seeds and like you I'm not sure if they are weeds or something else. We have a Wii gathering dust. I might have to put it on for Little E as she is probably the right age for it now #365