Tuesday 9 February 2021

An unexpected snowy day. We built a snowman!

 For weeks the weather reports have said it was going to snow here. It tried but never laid. On Saturday it rained all day and at about 8pm I remember complaining about the rain hitting the window. Shortly after we noticed it was snowing but it didn't lay. I had given up hope of getting any snow. I got such a surprise when I opened Ellie's bedroom curtains and was greeted with this beautiful sight.

Snow in the back garden

With it being Monday Ellie of course didn't want to get out of bed and thought I was winding her up about the amount of snow there was. lol She got quite a shock when she saw it and was all set to go outside right then to build a snowman but she had the small matter of home learning and Zoom lessons to deal with first.

During her first lesson it looked like there was sleet and we were worried that it would be washed away before her lessons had finished but we needn't have worried it kept snowing, then stopping and then snowing a little more.

Ellie made it through her 3 Zoom lessons and then it was boots, coats and gloves on and out into the back garden we went.

Little Snowman

Ellie started off small waiting for Becky to come outside and built a little snowman. She soon ended up taking her gloves off as they were just getting in the way.

Becky was soon outside and they got on with building their snowman! This is what we've been looking forward to since moving here nearly 2 years ago, having the space in the back garden to build a snowman!

Rolling the snow

Stu had to come out to lift one of the big snowballs onto the other one and then Becky made the head while Ellie rummaged around in the snow at the side of the garden, finding some stones for the eyes and mouth.

He's not the prettiest snowman but the girls had fun building him. It's the most fresh air they've had in a week and it was fun to do something away from a computer screen.

Our snowman

I am imagining waking up to a new layer of snow this morning as it snowed off and on all day yesterday. I hope so anyway but I don't know where Ellie is going to fit in anytime to play outside as she has a day full of Zoom lessons. Eek. 

Did you have any snow yesterday?


  1. That's a fine looking snowman! Our snow has been really powdery and we haven't been able to get it to stick together to make a snowman, or even a snow ball! The powder is perfect for sledding though, so I'll take it. We have had two big snow falls, and today it is snowing all day. I absolutely love it. It really is a winter wonderland out there, and I'm lucky enough to work from home so all I have to do is work at my desk and glance out the window to enjoy the snow :)

  2. What a great bit of snow you had! Love the snowman! We also had to wait for home learning to get out the way but once it was it was up and at em haha x

  3. Aw your snowman is awesome! And the view from your window is beautiful. We had quite a bit of snow. Our snowman 'Albert' has not long melted! Haha xx