Saturday 27 February 2021

Week 8 of #Project365. 20th - 26th February. A photo every day for a year!

We have had a good week. I wasn't excited about the governments announcement, the roadmap but I am coming around to the idea now that the kids are getting excited about going back to school and college. Ellie has her first lateral flow test next week, preparing for the return to school. I haven't told her yet, I don't want her worrying all weekend. It's later in the week so we have plenty of time for her to come around to the idea. She really doesn't want the test but at the same times knows she should. I think once she's at school to have the test she will be fine.

The sun has been shining lots and it has felt like spring. We have been out in the garden clearing and digging it getting ready to plant things. I love how the sun shining puts me into such a good mood.

Now for a photo everyday!

Takeaway and gardening supplies
My girls on their laptops.
Design & Tech work and a coffee being made.
The dug up garden and tomato seeds being planted

51/365 - 20th February
Takeaway! Yum, yum! There was leftovers to eat on Sunday too.

52/365 - 21st February
The gardening supplies that I ordered arrived. 

53/365 - 22nd February
Back to the home learning after half term. It wasn't that bad. We finally have got into the swing of things and then Boris announces the kids are going back to school.

54/365 - 23rd February
Design and Technology work to do for Ellie. She is loving the festival project and this weeks work was to design some merchandise.

55/365 - 24th February
It was a day where I needed an extra coffee thanks to being woken up early by the birds.

56/365 - 25th February
I cleared some of the garden and dug it up. There is still plenty of work to do out there which will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.

57/365 - 26th February
I planted some tomato seeds. I am keeping them inside at the moment.

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  1. We are having lots and lots of rain today that I'm hoping will melt most of our snow. We have at least another month before we even think of planting things for spring.

    1. I hope the snow melts soon. I've just been looking at your blog and the snow makes everything look so pretty x

  2. I'd like to do some more vegetable planting but just the thought of having to order containers online and compost etc, is just too much hassle. I keep telling N to just go and learn from his Gramp as he has a veg patch behind our paddock.

  3. With this lovely weather we started doing a bit of gardening too. I hope you'll have a plentiful harvest from tomato plants. :)

  4. You're so organised with the garden! I haven't even thought of planting the seeds yet, I'm sure I started later in the year last year with tomato seeds. Need to order growbags. Love your Dobby mug!
    Do you need any veg/salad seeds? I have too many, as I subscribe to Grow your own. Maybe I should run a giveaway on my blog.

  5. I believe this is the 3rd year in a row you've dug that patch ready for planting, in October/November you should plant some spring bulbs. I won't be able to do anything to my garden as I'll be away from April till June, really enjoyed the gardening last year

  6. Sounfs like you'll be busy in the garden again this year. I'm not organised at all.

  7. ummm I am craving a takeaway now haha. Awesome cup by the way as well X

  8. The pizza delivery looks fun!! Hope those tomatoes grow bi and nice... the coffee mug and makers looks awesome..hope the gardening goes well :)

  9. My eldest has got her test soon and she isn't looking forward to it at all!

    It has been nice to get out into the garden hasn't it!

  10. So lovely to be planting things and looking forward to them growing out in the garden. Good luck with all the things you're growing. #project365

  11. Buying extra takeaway so you get leftovers is the best! An extra day with no cooking, bliss :) Good luck with the lateral flow test: I've been doing them twice a week and the first time was the worst but it gets so much easier. #project365

  12. Isaac has his lateral flow test next week too. He isn't keen but like you, it is the right thing to do

  13. Hope the test went well. Yay for the garden I am sure it is the only thing that kept us sane last lockdown. We also started planting seeds last weekend. I am keeping our tomatoes inside too for a bit partly because the greenhouse needs cleaning and partly because its got a broken pain. Hope you have a ice easy return to routine this coming week.

  14. I hope the testing goes well. Thankfully our kids are too young for them but we are going to pick up a box of tests for us. Loving the gardening photos we really need to start thinking about doing something to our garden #365

  15. Hope your daughter gets on okay with the test. Looks like you are going to be busy in the garden with that lot. I really need to start taming our garden, the borders are out of control! I love tomatoes, maybe I should get some seeds.