Tuesday 2 February 2021

What I loved in January 2021!

One thing which didn't change about January this year is that it seemed to last forever. What a start to 2021, another lockdown and home learning part 2. I'd like to say the girls have been great with their home learning but it has been hard work, especially for Ellie. For the first couple of weeks she took a lot of nagging to get any work done. It was hard to change from Christmas holiday mode to school mode. We're getting there now though. It seems easier now she knows what is expected of her.

I did a lot of complaining in January about various things but it wasn't all bad. There were plenty of laughs, smiles and memories were made.


This is what I loved in January!

Disney Plus.
At the end of December Stu got a code for 2 months free of Disney Plus from buying something Fortnite. We used the code and I have watched all the Marvel films in chronological order. I was never a fan of Captain America and I still aren't but I did enjoy Doctor Strange, I hadn't seen that before. Thor will always be my favourite though! Since then I have watched a ton of random films and the girls and I are working our way through The Simpsons.

My new laptop.
At the end of December I bought myself a new laptop. It was needed, my old one just wasn't powerful enough for me anymore. I got a HP 255 G7 15.6" Laptop from Curry's and I can't fault it at all, well apart from the enter key is smaller than my old one and it's took about a month to get used to. It does everything I ask it to and because of it I even started playing Fortnite, a game I never said I would play.

TikTok Wraps.

Sweet tiktok wrap

They are the best way to eat wraps and I saw them on TikTok. They are the only way we eat them now and we have been eating a lot of them with different fillings. To make them you make a cut from the middle of the tortilla down to one edge, fill the different quadrants with fillings, then fold it all up into a neat triangle that can be eaten as is or grilled. Our favourite filling has to be the sweet one's though. Strawberries, chocolate spread, bananas and Biscoff spread. Yum! Yum!

Learning more about school.
Over the past month with Ellie doing home learning I have learned a lot about her school. I now know what she's learning, I can put a face to the names of the teachers I previously didn't know and I have a fair idea what some of the kids are like. Before this round of home schooling I has probably only seen about 2 or 3 teachers but now I have seen them all on Zoom, well all the one's that teach Ellie. They are doing a great job and I already have my favourites. hehehe

Not watching the news.
I am back to not watching the news unless it's a press conference. It was starting to worry me and stress me out again and it really isn't worth watching. It's not like I can personally change anything that is happening in our country and around the world. As long as my family is safe, I am just burying my head in the sand and ignoring the news.

Frosty mornings.

Frosty morning

As much as I have complained about the lack of snow here we have had plenty of frosty mornings and they are so pretty, especially since we have fields out the back of our house. The fact we don't have to go out anywhere has made me love them even more.

What did you love in January?


  1. Loving the things you are loving too, except homeschooling. We are happy our kids are older and also happy to not be teaching anymore.

  2. Frosty mornings are so beautiful and I do love waking to them - I also love not having to do the school run on such cold days at the moment also. Haha.

    Happy February to you & your family Kim.

  3. I love those tik tok wraps, I've been putting meat, salad and coleslaw in mine. I love the view, you are so lucky to see that every day! I'm with you, re the news, I just don't need to watch all the bad news all the time x