Saturday 6 February 2021

Week 5 of #Project365. 30th January - 5th February. A photo every day for a year!

 Another week of lockdown and home learning is done. We've had a good week, the sunshine we had gave me some motivation. It is apparently going to snow over the weekend. I'm not holding my breath for that, we've been promised snow for the last month and have only had a few flakes. As of writing this a family friend is in hospital so close to having a baby, she has been induced and my dad is getting his vaccine next week. It seems like things are looking up and I have something to look forward to at the moment.

Now for a photo every day!

Cheeseburger pizza
Banoffe Pie and a Google nest
Captain Tom on the TV and French school work
An email from Harry Potter. lol
Scoop magazine

30/365 - 30th January
A cheeseburger flavoured pizza. We got this from Iceland along with a meatball one. They were OK but tasted really doughy. We won't be rushing to get them again.

31/365 - 31st January
Banoffee pie. It was meant to be eaten on Saturday but we forgot about it so it was a Sunday afternoon snack. It was a lovely treat.

32/365 - 1st February
Our new Google nest, mini thing arrived. Ages ago, I think back in September Spotify were giving them away and Stu filled the form out to get one. On Monday it arrived. It is now in the living room and comes in very handy with the home learning.

33/365 - 2nd February
We all heard the sad news about Captain Tom. It really was rubbish news and he really was a hero.

34/365 - 3rd February
French school work. Ugh! Google translate helped a lot as it is not a subject that Ellie can get the hang of.

35/365 - 4th February
I received an email from Harry Potter and it did make me chuckle. It wasn't about anything to do with Harry Potter which was a shame. lol

36/365 - 5th February
Ad - Gifted! We were sent a copy of the Scoop magazine to have a look at. For ages 7+ it is full of stories, articles, games & activities. This months theme was poetry and music which Ellie has been loving. I was just happy to see her reading which has been lacking during this lockdown.

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  1. Lack of reading is basically N as well. He's meant to read 30 mins a day. I'm lucky if he reads for 5 mins. It's a shame school don't do a set time during the day like they do in school, then at least he'd get 10 mins in a day. I might have to send the teacher an email and ask if she can reiterate the reading, because even adding it to his pocket money requirements, he's not doing it.

  2. That scoop magazine looks interesting.

    Oh not heard of a cheeseburger flavoured pizza before! Shame they tasted doughy!

    It was so sad hearing about Captain Tom.

  3. How cool to get an email from Harry Potter, even if it's not The Harry Potter. My younger's fave pizza is Cheeseburger from Domino's. Glad Ellie enjoyed the magazine. The dessert sounds tasty!
    I just bought the Google thingy for Eddie, as he kept begging me, and it was at half price in Sainsbury's.

  4. Uum not sure we'd like doughy pizza either although I do love a good cheeseburger. It was sad to hear about Captain sir Tom, a life well lived for sure #365

  5. The banoofee looks amazing. I have been wanting a google nest since lomg.. how is it? and the mail from HP , made me to chuckle too hehe

  6. Hope your friend's baby arrived safely. Cheeseburger pizza sounds interesting - shame it was a bit too doughy though. Glad Google Translate helped with the French homework. #project365

  7. The pizza looked fab, such a shame it didn't taste as great. I was devastated by Captain Tom's death especially as the disease that made him famous killed him :( #project365

  8. The news about Sir Tom was really sad. It was a bad news day that day too which didn't help. The Banoffee pie looks amazing and sometimes a Sunday treat is just what you need. There hasn't been much reading in our house too. With the juggle of everything it is always forgotten about #365

  9. We were all very sad about Captain Tom here too. Especially Charlie.We are also struggling with reading he can do it perfectly well but has no motivation. The mini hub looks great.If only to get an email from Harry Potter!!! I wonder if he changed his name via deed poll?

  10. Big fat no to the pizza, yuk yuk yuk. An email from Harry Potter? I often get them from weird places, makes me laugh. Boo to the snow, a light dusting here also.

  11. I would love a google nest. We have gone Alexa but she keeps ignoring me. A shame that the pizza doesn't taste very nice, the banoffee pie sounds yummy

  12. Shame the pizza wasn't as good as it looked. But glad you enjoyed the banoffee pie. How fab finally getting your free Google nest. Mine aren't very keen on French either, it didn't help my eldest used to do Spanish in his old school so he has found it hard swapping so late on. Hooray for google translate though it does come in handy.