Friday 19 February 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Food! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


There have been many days this week where I've woken up and the first thing on my mind has been food. We eat well every week but this past week seems to have had a few extra treats which we have really enjoyed. 

We had a Chinese takeaway on Sunday evening. We always buy about 5 different dishes and share them out between us so we all get a bit of everything. Chicken sweet & sour balls, chicken chow mein, beef & tomatoes, sausage, onion and gravy with chips and special egg fried rice plus prawn crackers and spring rolls. It was so good and there were some leftovers for lunch the next day which seemed like a real treat.

I saw that the hot cross buns were on offer and got a couple of packets and every year the girls totally forget about them and forget how much they love them. I was going to toast myself a couple and then Ellie asked for some and then Becky. The whole grill tray was full. lol They thought it was such a treat and have begged for more to be added to the shopping list for this week.

Tuesday was pancake day which the girls were so excited about. I had got a pancake day deal from Iceland a few weeks ago with a pan, lemon juice, pancake mix and some Frylight spray for £5 and I am so glad I got it, just for the pan. It is the best pancake pan I've ever had. 

My girls enjoying their pancakes

Usually the first pancake cooked is never amazing but I put the batter in the pan and the kids started arguing saying they didn't want the first one cooked, that was until I flipped it over and it looked pretty amazing. Then they started arguing about who wanted the first one. lol Every pancake came out perfectly and there was enough batter to make pancakes for lunch on Wednesday too! 

On Wednesday evening I was trying something new. The slow cooked pork belly hog roast with apple sauce, herby baby potatoes, sweetcorn and honey roasted carrots. The pork was ready made and just needed popping in the oven but I made the carrots from scratch. My family wasn't convinced about any of this meal, they thought I was going too fancy but once it was cooked, plated up and they tried it, they loved it! Honey roasted carrots are now their favourite thing and Ellie even went looking for leftovers, there wasn't any and said I need to make them again.

I again left it too late to get a food shop with Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys. I found myself looking at Ocado and they had slots but I really wasn't keen on their prices. I am used to everything a lot cheaper not M&S prices so it seems I am shopping with Morrisons again. It would have been Iceland but our freezer is still pretty full. 

I hope you have all had a good week?


  1. Your post is making me hungry this week with all the yummy food mentioned. I do love a Chinese takeaway. We've enjoyed pancakes a couple of times this week and it does make a difference when you have a decent pan. The slow cooked pork belly with the honey roasted carrots sounds amazing. Glad that everyone enjoyed it. #WotW

  2. oh I'm looking forward to hot cross buns. The pan you use does make a huge difference to your pancakes, we had the same thing, no-one wanted the first pancake until it came out perfect, then they argued about it. I've been using my slow cooker but we have a couple of fussy eaters who don't like perfectly cooked meat, they prefer it dried out in the oven...which is hard to do because we currently have no oven that works. They don't like casseroles, and the only time I tried honey carrots I got nothing but complaints that they were too sweet. Every day is a food battle in our house atm. Thank goodness it's Graham's birthday today and we can all have take away :) (would be nice to be going out for a meal though) x

  3. That's a fabulous word of the week! I feel like food is almost always on my mind. Though I can't remember the last time we had Chinese food... none of the places around us are all that great at making it.

  4. I very nearly had Food as my word! LOL! Honey roast carrots are the best thing ever :D Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. Honey roast carrots are delicious!! A good food week!#WOTW

  6. Why am I always hungry after I read your posts? I am ready to get Chinese takeout again. I miss that. And your slow cooker meal sounds amazing. Nice food this week!

  7. Hm yum, lovely post, we did the same and my kids enjoyed helping make the pancakes!

  8. Oh, I love Chinese takeout. When I still lived with my husband, my father-in-law would come by each Sunday for dinner and we'd usually have takeout, so we had Chinese quite often. We too shared a couple of dishes among ourselves.

    The cross buns sound totally delicious too!


  9. Lots of lovely food. I found our pancakes turned out pretty good too. We made some more for lunch on Saturday as another treat. You pork dinner sounds amazing. I might have to try honey on carrots. I not a big fan of carrots but I'm sure honey would help. We have a Waitrose very close to use, closer than tesco and we were only discussing last night why we don't shop there lol #WotW