Friday 5 February 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Motivated. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has actually seen some sunshine. There has of course still been some rain and it did try to snow one day but Monday and yesterday were sunshiny days and it has really brightened our moods and given us some motivation. Life is better when the sun is shining.

We went out for a walk on Monday, with no real place to go we just walked and did a lap of our little town. It was just what we needed, some fresh air and a change of scene.

This week has been up and down when it came to the home learning. When it was bright out Ellie was motivated but on Tuesday when it rained all day she couldn't be bothered to do anything and it was very challenging.

Ellie is a bright girl but if she isn't being told so, she doesn't feel confident in doing her work and lacks motivation. Learning from home has meant less feedback from the teachers but this week has been great for it. We have had quite a few teachers email to say "great work, keep it up" and it has really helped.

I was all set for an argument with the French teacher during the week though. Ellie had work to do online, on one of the quiz websites and really struggled with it. The teacher said she wanted to see everyone getting above 80% and that just wasn't happening. Ellie tried twice got about 12% first and then 18%. I shouldn't have but I gave it a try, using Google translate to help and could only manage just over 20%. The teacher had said that if children weren't getting high enough scores there would be phone calls home. I was waiting for the phone call but got an email saying "well done Ellie for trying so hard with the work". I am guessing the teacher saw she had tried and tried with the work and had improved her score but couldn't get the 80%. We don't understand French and Ellie is counting down the days until she doesn't have to do it, she has said she certainly won't be choosing it for her GCSE options which she will be picking soon. The feedback from the teacher did help and motivate Ellie as the next day she tried her hardest with her independent work.

Becky has been doing great with her college work. She was on an online lesson on Wednesday learning about work she has already completed and handed in. She is that far ahead with the assignments and the understanding of her work. I am so proud of her.

I am sitting here now trying to find the motivation to finish off doing the online food shop. I much prefer doing the food shop online than going to the supermarket, I always have, way before Coronavirus was even heard of. I sometimes feel bad getting on online grocery order when other people might need them but to get to the supermarket it is a 20 minute bus ride and then I either just buy what I can carry which would mean at least 2 trips week or get a taxi back with would add at least £20 to the bill. Shopping locally isn't ideal because our little Tesco only seems to have branded products in which are more expensive and there is not a great selection.

I hope you have all had a good week.

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  1. I think languages, for whatever reason, and it's nowt to do with intelligence, just don't come easily to some people, and they should never be compulsory! A busy week, and motivation can be hard in these troubled times, but like with yoiur daughter's French efforts, persevering is a great thing. #WOTW

  2. My girls have no interest in learning languages either. I was doing quite well learning Spanish with my Little Man when we home schooled before but that was short lived. Finding motivation is so hard in these strange times and I totally get the online shop motivation. My family constantly moan at my efforts but if they don't help I don't care!

  3. I'm glad Ellie's French teacher was supportive. I hope the quiz hasn't dented all her enthusiasm for languages. I noticed with my three that they all went through a stage mid way when they weren't so keen. I'm guessing that the pace was wrong for them. Each seemed to get through it. Well done Becky for being so far ahead. She sounds like she could do with a faster pace. I hate shopping. I've cut down my shopping days to twice a month, which works for us. I use a local company that usually delivers to restaurants, so they fit my delivery in between. I get a supermarket shop occasionally for this bits I can't get from them. I know what you mean about the guilt. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  4. I'm glad Ellie's French teacher supported her. Sometimes (and don't quote me) I think the "We Will Phone Home If Your Child Does Not Do XYZ" is more to motivate those who maybe aren't doing the work? I did French GCSE, did quite well but have never used it since! I go to the supermarket, I like to see what I'm buying! and they are very quiet at the moment.

  5. That comment was me by the way! Karen - Early Rising Mum!

  6. Motivated is such a nice work. I'm so glad that Ellie is getting positive feedback and the teachers are being supportive, especially over the French quiz. Well done to Becky too on keeping ahead on the college work. I'm with you on online shopping. I much prefer doing my shopping online - it also means I'm less likely to add extras as I tend to just then get what's on my shopping list. #WotW

  7. Your Ellie sounds like my little lady. Such a lack of confidence but so capable. I'm trying my best to remember that and hold my tongue lol. I was terrible at French at school couldn't want to drop it for GCSE. It sounds like a hard quiz. I'm so glad you had such a motivated week. I find that walks do me the world of good too #WotW