Wednesday 10 February 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Birthing Essentials Kit Gift Set from the Natural Birthing Company.

It is over 13 years since I was last pregnant and I always look at the things that are out there now for pregnant ladies and new mums thinking I wish those things were around when I was having my babies.

Recently I was sent some products from the Natural Birthing Company for woman who are pregnant and to use during and after the birth of their baby. A friend of the family was due to have her baby last week and I thought this was a lovely gift for her. Things must be so scary for mums to be and new mums at the moment with the pandemic happening, so anything that can make a difficult time a little easier is very welcomed.

Birthing Essentials Kit Gift Set

The Mama's Moments Birthing Essentials Kit Gift Set is a fantastic collection of those 'go-to' essentials which you might need during and after the birth of your baby. It all comes in a reusable wash bag which is a lovely touch.

The Birthing Essentials Kit bottles

All of the products have been developed by midwives and aromatherapists to safely support women through the journey from bump to baby.

Included in the set is:

Cool it Mama (50ml)

Cool it Mama (50ml)

Cool it Mama is the perfect companion in labour; cooling and calming you whenever you need it and giving you that bit of “oomph” if you feel like you’re flagging. Cool it Mama cools hot flushes, calms mood swings and eases headaches.

The key ingredients in Cool it Mama include: Neroli (refreshing and uplifts the mind), Ylang Ylang (enhances the mood), Menthol (cooling) and Grapefruit (helps to lift mental exhaustion).

Relax & Breathe (30ml)

Relax & Breathe (30ml)

Relax & Breathe is exclusive to our Birthing Essentials set. Relax & Breathe is our beautiful massage oil that contains a blend of essential oils to help calm, soothe and relax your body and mind.

The key ingredients in Relax & Breathe include: German Chamomile (aids in relaxation), Cocoa Butter (keeps skin supple and smooth) and Shea Butter (maintains skin elasticity).

Bottoms Up (50ml)

Bottoms Up (50ml)

Bottoms Up provides instant relief to your sore vulva and perineal area following childbirth by soothing, cooling and calming the area. Bottoms Up soothes discomfort, promotes skin healing and is a perfect addition to your hospital bag.

The key ingredients in Bottoms Up include: Lavender (antiseptic, anti-bacterial and pain relieving), Witch Hazel (anti-inflammatory), Cucumber (soothing) and Arnica (promotes skin renewal).

Sleepy Mama (100ml)

Sleepy Mama (100ml)

Sleepy Mama (Relaxing Pillow Mist) brings the feeling of relaxation to both body and mind when you need it the most! Sleepy Mama contains a blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Chamomile which will help to ease you into a beautiful nights sleep.

The key ingredients in Sleepy Mama include: Lavender (deeply relaxing and calming), Chamomile (aids in relaxation), Bergamot (helps insomnia) and Grapefruit (helps to lift mental exhaustion).

I think this is a lovely set with everything you could need to help you through giving birth. A lovely treat to buy yourself or something to buy someone else who is going to be having a baby. 

The Mama's Moments Birthing Essentials Kit Gift Set costs £20.00 which I think is a great price. If you don't want to buy the whole set you can buy the bottles individually from the likes of Next, Boots, Feel Unqiue, Holland and Barrett, and of course the Natural Birthing Company website.

I was sent the Mama's Moments Birthing Essentials Kit Gift Set free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. There are so many things around now for new mums and mums to be that I think are just lovely. I hope your friend is doing well!