Thursday 18 February 2021

10 Reasons why I prefer shopping online.

 Even before Coronavirus was a thing and all the essential shops were shut I always preferred to do my shopping online. I hate going out to real shops, people get in my way, I can never find exactly what I want and it just stresses me out. I just can't understand it when people just go to the shops for a look around. Stu, my fella loves to do that. I couldn't think of anything worse. It isn't my idea of fun.

Now that Coronavirus has shut the shops people are online shopping more. I know this because most weeks I struggle to get an online food shop and in the first lockdown the delivery times for normal shops like George at Asda and Wilkos were crazy.

Online shopping

Why I prefer shopping online.

It's easier to find what you want.
Sometimes when I want to buy something I won't know the specific name for it and where to buy it. Putting a thing to unblock sinks or even something as simple as yellow paint will bring up a whole host of results.

There's more variety online.
There is so much more choice online and it makes it easier to find most things at a lower price than on the high street. I don't think I have ever looked for something online and not being able to find it. 

There is no pressure.
When you visit physical stores the sales assistants try to lure you into buying more items and I am one of those people who feel bad saying no! 

It is quicker, sort of.
For example, for me to go to Argos and buy a microwave I would have to get 2 buses which would take about an hour and a half then either carry it back or get a taxi which in total would take about 3 hours at least but on the other hand I could order online taking about 10 minutes at the most, carry on with my day and wait for delivery. If I order early enough in the day I could even get it delivered the same day.

No aching arms.
With a big shopping trip you will get aching arms from carrying all of the bags with online shopping it is all delivered to your home.

It's discreet.
There are certain things I hate shopping for in shops. I am not going to say what, let your imagination go wild. lol It is so much easier having those things delivered, coming in a plain box so even the delivery driver doesn't know where it's came from.

You can do it in little bursts - so you don't have to go on a long shopping trip.
Oh yes, I do this for the girls birthday and at Christmas. I would rather buy a few things every week than buy everything in one trip which seems impossible to do, there is always something that I can't get at the shops.

It's easier to track spending.
I really have found this. When I am out shopping I will never stick to a budget as it is so hard to keep track of what I am spending. Even with bags full of things I will always feel like I need to buy more.

You can read reviews.
In the shops you will see something you have been dying to buy but then realise that there are no reviews and you don't know whether it's the right brand or even a brand that can be trusted. Buying online means you can read millions of reviews, ensuring the item of your dreams is the one you actually want. 

It makes it more exciting when you wait for a parcel.
I love waiting for parcels, well not the waiting the but receiving of the parcels especially if I have waited a while for them to be delivered and I've forgotten about what I have ordered.

Do you prefer to shop online or in real shops?


  1. Can't actually remember the last time I went inside a shop, even pre-covid I did most of my shopping online. I did go to the supermarket sometimes and use one of their motor trollies which are okay...but I'd still get worn out before we'd bought everything. I agree with everything you say here...but I do miss browsing gift shops and toy shops (Although most my kids are too old for toys now). I had a FB memory come up today, apparently 7 years ago we all went on a shopping trip to Toys R Us with the kids savings. I have issue with online end up with tons of recycling (boxes)

  2. I enjoy both but since the pandemic have been all about online shopping... mostly because I just don't find it enjoyable walking around in a mask. But even pre-pandemic I had to be in a shopping mood before I could hit the stores and browse. When I know exactly what I want it's so much easier to shop online.

  3. I still go in store as the shops I go to don't do online shopping. I have got it down to a fine art now, knowing when it is quiet and having a list so I pretty much only need to go once a month (apart from bread, milk and veg) I was never able to get an online shop in the early days so gave that up. I can see why it would be a lot easier though

  4. I do enjoy having a browse around the shops but I much prefer to shop online for the convenience. Like you, crowds really do my head in and I can't be doing with space invaders! Hehe. x

  5. I much prefer online shopping although I think that there are still some websites that are better to navigate than others. I much prefer trying on clothes at home and it's not difficult to send them back if they don't fit. The cost of delivery is often the same as a bus fare too so you're not paying any more :o)


  6. I mostly love shopping online too - there are definitely benefits! However sometimes I do just enjoy a good browse in the shops - especially when you're not sure what you're after. #MMBC

  7. I love online shopping too, I just wish shops like b&M did online shopping lol x