Friday 12 February 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Snow! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Snow word

It has to be, we've had snow nearly all of the week! Usually I would complain about the snow and how it was disrupting our lives but this time there isn't much to disrupt it's not like we're going out anywhere.

Last time we had proper snow was back in 2018, the Beast from the East so it seemed very exciting and something a bit different from the boring life we have been having during lockdown.

On Monday Ellie had to finish her online lessons before she could go out in the snow. I felt sorry that her maths teacher was poorly and cancelled a lesson but it did mean Ellie got to finish at lunchtime and then we got to go outside and play. We all went out and a bit of fun in the snow. A snowman was built and we had just about used up all of the snow in the back garden.

We needn't have worried, it kept snowing and there was a new layer by Tuesday morning. Hooray! I was starting to think that it was unfair and how the kids were missing out. If the kids were at school chances are they would have had a snow day where the school would be closed for a day or two and I was thinking that wasn't going to happen.

The headteacher of the school emailed everyone on Tuesday morning and said all the Zoom lessons were cancelled and to go out and enjoy the snow. Of course a couple of teachers set work which was snow related. English was to write a poem about the snow. Ellie is getting quite good at poetry and said it's easier at home, she can go on Google and find words that rhyme with other words. hehehe Science was about freezing and igloos and part of the work was to build one for extra credit. Ellie loves to go that bit extra and dragged Stu out to help her.

An igloo

Stu had came back in after the igloo was built and I heard screeching and laughing coming from the back garden, I looked out of the window and Ellie and the lad from next door were having a snowball fight. They were having the best time. It was so lovely to see especially since they've never had anything to do with each other. The smiles on their faces really did make me smile.

Wednesday was back to work and the Zoom lessons which was not welcomed by Ellie but thankfully it had some of her favourite lessons and the work was easy. We did somehow manage to miss an English lesson. It's the only subject which seems to get moved around and it is hard to keep track of. She soon caught on yesterday despite the teacher supposedly having tech issues. Lots of the kids were complaining that the teacher was pausing and they couldn't hear her. The kids said it wasn't their internet so must have been hers. I think they were having her on as Ellie didn't have any problems seeing or hearing the lesson.

Yesterday the snow stopped falling and what was left on the ground had started melting. It was fun while it lasted and gave us a bit of excitement which we needed. Stu was very glad that he isn't at work at the moment. He works outside most of the time so he would have been slightly frozen.

Next week is half term which will give us a break from the home learning. Of course we don't have any plans apart from being super lazy, probably spending far too much time playing Fortnite and watching films. I can't wait!!


  1. We have been having snow here where I live too. I AM complaining about it! :) I am soo ready for spring. Come on, April!

  2. Yay for snow days. Our school gave the kids an afternoon off to play in the snow too, but we haven't had much this's been bitterly cold though, not a good time for the boiler to break down. Ellie's igloo is brilliant. I'm glad she had so much fun. x

  3. So lovely to have some snow. I'm glad the girls got to enjoy it and the school cancelled Zoom lessons. Love Ellie's igloo. It must be frustrating trying to keep track of lessons if they keep moving around. Hope you have a good half-term. #WotW

  4. So lovely that your girls got to enjoy the snow. Our schools told them to enjoy it but didnt stop any lessons so they couldn't until much later! Hope you enjoy the half term break despite the rain!x

  5. I'm so glad you got snow too, I know the girls have wanted it for such a long time. Love the igloo. Hoe lovely that Ellie had a snowball fight with the boy next door. That's one way to open up communication. I love the kids are playing up for the teacher. I bet they are having all sorts pulled on them lol #WotW